Happy New Year!


We are officially two days into the New Year! I hope they are treating you well!   I rang in the new year with my loved ones. We didn’t do anything exciting. I worked a long shift, so I was tired anyway. I was relieved when the plan to go out became the plan to stay home and watch a movie.

We watched “The Hand That Rocks the Cradle”.

I have been thinking about things that I wanted to change about myself in the next year. I’m sure that we can all agree that there’s room for improvement for all of us.   We all can agree on a lot of the usual cliche resolutions.

  1. Lose wight
  2. Spend more time with family

In the past I joked about having resolutions that I could actually keep. I would make declarations about how I would:

  1. stop clubbing baby seals
  2. stop eating poisonous plants.

Fairly easy right?

I’ve been choosing these for that for the past ten years and I am happy to report that I have not clubbed a single baby seal, nor have I eaten any poisonous plants.

In all seriousness, after everything that I have been through in 2015, I think that I walked away from it with a greater sense of appreciation for my friends and family and most definitely my health.

If there is ONE thing that I need to focus on to improve myself it would be to learn how to

  1. live more in the moment
  2. enjoy my time now.

I am guilty ( a lot of us are ) of getting wrapped up too much in tomorrow to the point that we don’t enjoy our time today.

It sounds simple but it really isn’t.

My goal now is to do just take every day as they come. Next week is next week. Deal with today. Relax and take it as it comes. I’ve learned that’s all you can do.

I am a “fretter” by nature and I think that’s the biggest thing that I need to work on.  So here goes!

What about you? Do you create a “new year, new me” list?

Do you keep your resolutions?



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