When Your BFF Is A Jerk


Seems legit.

I am moving things around in my spare bedroom because I would like to paint. I’m also boxing up items to take to Goodwill. After I took a load of boxes out to the car, I returned to find that once again, Dingo Lu has taken over Sasha’s bed. Poor Sasha is such a sweet dog doormat, that she doesn’t even try to object.

Sasha is an 80# Rottweiler while Dingo Lu is a squatty, maybe 30# Australian Cattle Dog.

I don’t know why Lu feels like she needs to do that. Sasha certainly doesn’t get more attention.  Lu shouldn’t feel like she has something to prove. I think my best buddy is suffering from Stubby Dog Syndrome. This is a similar condition to what human’s often suffer from know as “Short Man Syndrome”.

Oh Lu.

You’re not bossy, you have leadership skills.  You’re assertive.

You might be a a little bit of a jerk though.




8 thoughts on “When Your BFF Is A Jerk

  1. jennlives says:

    I forgot to add that most of the house rules don’t apply to her specifically as they must be only for everyone else. Like the baby gate she jumps to go into rooms I’m trying to keep them out of for the moment. I have two cattle dogs. The other one, Hilda, isn’t nearly as pushy but a lot of that had to do with her age and the fact that she’s mostly blind. Her usual crime is habitual invasion of your personal space. Love these dogs though. They always keep me smiling 🙂


  2. jennlives says:

    It’s strange how submissive Sasha is to Lu yet she’s fairly crappy to Hilda. It could be that Lu was here before Sasha ( technically, you know the back story on that ) and Hilda came this past October. Could be a pecking order issue. Hilda doesn’t take her crap either though. We’ve had bloody noses a couple times from girl fights. Nothing serious, it happens.


  3. fallcorn1936 says:

    Isn’t it just wonderful the personalities that our dogs have and the strange way they act sometimes. It just doesn’t make any sense but I guess thats is why we love them so much. Thanks for stopping by.

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  4. jennlives says:

    It really is. She’s being a little turd but at least it’s nothing harmful. When you say something to her, she immediately complies. Sasha gets her little digs in too. I just have to catch them in pictures or on film. They’re characters for sure. Thank YOU for stopping by 🙂


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