I’m Ready For Summer- Kayak Shopping

Little Pigeon River in August 2015

Little Pigeon River in August 2015


Last summer I decided to try kayaking again after many years. I wouldn’t even really say that I had ever kayaked before because it was on a very small pond at a local campground. I was maybe ten years old and I didn’t try it for very long.

I am however, pretty handy with a row boat.

It all started after a friendly conversation with someone on a local mountain biking page on FaceBook and the topic turned to a kayaking trip they had taken at a place in Mongo, Indiana. The business is called the “Mongo River Run”.  They were able to rent kayaks (or canoes) and had the option of choosing their trip based on miles, time and difficulty. They offer up to 26 miles!

As fate would have it, my friend Dion and his fiancé went to the exact same place that weekend and posted a ton of pictures on Facebook. I didn’t waste any time calling to make a reservation. They are so popular that you actually have to call ahead.

We went mid morning on a Thursday, so there wasn’t a lot of people.  The trip we picked was about 6 miles in length. The water on the Little Pigeon River is really calm. You basically could just float and steer now and then. It was perfect for two beginners.

We had a blast!  There were parts of the trip that made me forget that we were in Indiana. The pine trees reminded me a lot of the western United States. It was very relaxing and I was sad when we were done and it was time to go home.

We were ready to schedule another trip!

That lit  fire in me. I didn’t waste a lot of time researching the local state and county parks that are close to my house. I drove down to Potato Creek State Park to get additional information that I couldn’t find on their website. Unfortunately, they only had four kayaks left and they started the summer with eight. People apparently were abusing them.

I returned later in the week and ended up being able to rent a kayak fairly quickly since the novelty wore off for the kid who had just taken it out approximately twenty minutes prior. I was able to shove off with my bag of goodies and water for a nearly seven hour kayaking adventure. I saw parts of the lake I didn’t even know where there and things you just can’t see from the road.

After I conquered Potato Creek, I decided that I wanted to go on the St. Joseph River via the kayak rentals from Saint Patrick’s County Park. They also offered a shuttle service to their canoe launch. I decided to do the extended trip to the Niles (Michigan) dam from the launch in South Bend, Indiana.

I really enjoyed that trip. It was about four hours total and passed through northern Indiana into Michigan.  What I really enjoyed the most was discovering things I didn’t know were there. I had no idea that there was a small island on the river next to my neighborhood. Now it’s obvious to me when I drive past. I also enjoyed all of the wildlife including the turtles I saw. I’m not even exaggerating when I tell you that I probably saw three hundred turtles along the way.

The St Joseph River is a lot wider than the Little Pigeon River and there was more involved with steering and keeping myself going. I didn’t mind, it was awesome. At one point I was fighting the little rip tide that made my kayak want to spin. It was fun.

The St Joseph River-

The St Joseph River-

So.. I love to kayak and now I want to buy one. I went to Dick’s Sporting Goods to look at the ones that they had in stock. I have some other places hat I want to check out. Obviously I want to buy something locally rather than online to have it shipped. I’m not even sure how that works. I can’t even imagine what the shipping cost on some thing like that would be.

I would love to come home to find  kayak on my porch!

I looked at the various ones they offered for sale. I couldn’t decide. I know that I probably don’t want to get one that I could use on Lake Michigan. I’m nowhere near experienced enough to go out on that lake. I would prefer to just have one to putz around on in the river and the lakes that don’t allow motorboats.

While I could probably get by with the cheaper models, I also think that you get what you pay for. It would make sense to at least get  midrange kayak that will suit my immediate needs for what I want to do.  I’m going to spend the next month or so making a decision on that.

I’m pretty excited.

Anyone who has knowledge about kayaks and kayaking, I am open to suggestions and advice!  You can contact me directly at jennielives@gmail.com 

Have you ever tried anything just once and become totally hooked?





Death And Friends- Hilli Has Flown Away

My intention was to write blog posts for each of my dogs. All three of them have a story. We all have stories, but I think that dogs that have come from the shelter situations and have passed through many hands, have greater ones to tell.

This past week I had written about my eldest dog, Hilli, in a post titled “Sweet Souls Of An Old Dog-Hilli”. Hilli was a senior Australian Cattle Dog that I had adopted this past October. Hilli had been dumped at a shelter in Oklahoma for being “too old”. I took her despite the issues that came with her and she proved to make up for all of that with love.

It is with regret that a week later, Hilli has passed away.

I was home for the day after spending my morning at the market and was in pretty high spirits because I had finally located some curtains with patterns that I could live with for the upper level windows of my house.  I was happily doing house work, including laundry.

Hilli liked to lay on her bed in the basement. Just adjacent to where she liked to take her naps is the laundry room. When you run the dryer, it gets comfortably warm and creates the ideal environment for napping. I think that’s why she liked to lay down there so much.

I was making my way down the steps to change the laundry out and as I came to the bottom of the stairs I noticed that Hilli didn’t look quite right and on closer inspection, I realized that she was gone. It had only been a matter of minutes since she had flown away.

I called my friend Diana, the friend I hike with a lot, and told her the news. Diana and her husband own a lot of property so I wanted to see if I could bury her there. I’ve also never had anyone pass away at home or in the middle of winter before, so that posed a problem.

We decided that the best thing to do was to place Hilli in the freezer until the ground thawed and we could give her a proper burial.  After some discussion and debating on whether or not we would get in trouble or if we cared that we would get in trouble, we decided that we were going to place her on the grounds in one of the parks where we liked to hike.

It might seem gross to some people to place her in a freezer for a couple of months but I think it’s the best thing to honor her life. She deserves it. She lived all of those years and in the end, was dumped by the people who were supposed to love her.

I don’t know that Hilli was ever mistreated. If she had been, she didn’t show it. Hilli was a very loving dog and never knew a stranger.  She was always very sweet and receptive to everyone that she met.

But.. In the end, she was dumped and left with an unknown future. Her former owner probably has no idea that a breed specific rescue had taken her out of the shelter and transported her to Illinois to be adopted out to someone in north central Indiana.

Whomever had her probably assumed that she was just put to sleep and never gave it a second thought. If they even cared enough to give it a second though. Probably not though. Any decent person with a conscience would never have left their senior partner behind like that.

The last five months of her life were spent hiking, napping, eating and playing with my ten year old son. I know that she really enjoyed the time that she spent out on the trail and even though she was older, she had no trouble keeping up.

It only makes sense to lay her to rest in one of the places that she came to know and really enjoyed spending time at. I think I have the perfect spot in mind. The hard part is going to be sneaking on to the property with a shovel. I’m sure it will be fine.

I have just a little anxiety over knowing that I have a frozen dog in my best friends freezer. It’s also kind of comical and it’s like Diana told me “Everyone needs a friend that will let you keep a body in their freezer,”

How true is that?

I enjoyed my time with sweet little Hilli. I wish I could have had more time with her. I just hope that her last few months on Earth were happy and comfortable and that she never felt any sadness and if she did, it was only for a moment.

She will be missed.


Hilli getting a drink during one of our hikes

Being A Woman and My Attitude Problem- Thoughts

I’m not exactly a practicing feminist. I don’t go to rally’s and I haven’t lobbied for anything outside of talking with the men and boys in my life about respecting women and girls.  I am all for protecting women and pointing out the flaws in our culture that can make our lives miserable. I’ve never marched for the cause, but that’s about to change.

Short story.

I was in the hospital briefly when I was first becoming ill with Lyme Disease. I left work that night and went to the emergency room. I had been self diagnosing and medicating for awhile before I went to ask for help. My supervisor that night actually made me leave.

I spent almost 10 hours in the ER at the hospital. I left around 4 a.m.  As I was driving home, I took a different route than I needed to because I was starving and I thought I could swing through the 24 hour drive-thru at Taco Bell.  Wouldn’t you know it, they were closed that night for a construction project that closed the kitchen.

I drove north up a fairly well traveled city street and came to a stop at the light next to an older model, black Ford Explorer that was sitting in the turn lane.  It was a nice night and I had my windows down to get some air.  The second that I drove up next to that Explorer, I sensed that I was in trouble.

The man in the passenger seat was drunk or at least appeared to be. He started talking to me. At first it was all “Hey pretty lady” and “Hey baby”.  I ignored him and kept watching the light. He didn’t like being ignored and started making some really sexual and vulgar remarks that I won’t repeat here.

At that point, I hit the button and just rolled up the window without even looking over at him. He didn’t like this and the situation was escalating. He was getting angry, but I continued to ignore him. If he got out of the vehicle, I would just drive away.

He started screaming a barrage of obscenities at me and called me some horrible names.  Use your imagination. He then threw a full can of a Monster Energy drink at my car .  Of course he waited until the green turn arrow appeared before he did this and then drove off on a side street into the darkness.

Looking back, I should have just driven through the light before it even got this far. If I had been stopped, I would have been more than happy to explain why I ran the light. I also have the benefit of being in the city where I work as a dispatcher and all of the police officers know me.  As a matter of fact, when I shared this story on Facebook, I got in trouble for not calling anyone.

It was pointless and I knew this. I didn’t bother with a plate number when I had the chance. Once he turned the corner, he entered into the neighboring city’s jurisdiction anyway. They would never have caught up with them. It would have been a waste of time and I really just wanted to go home.

There was no damage to my car. Thankfully.

This incident upset me. The more that I thought about it, the angrier I got.  I realized that the man felt entitled to talk to me like that. As a matter of fact, he felt so entitled that he flew into a rage because I didn’t give him what he wanted,  that he technically acted out with violence.

That’s just one story.

What amazes me, and maybe it shouldn’t, is that every single one of my female friends has a sexual assault story of some kind. Not just harassment or cat calling on the street, a sexual assault. A lot of them happened when we were younger. Some in our teens while others happened in college and quite a few as adults.

I have a friend who simply gave into a male acquaintance and his advances to where she had sex with him because she didn’t want to get hurt and she knew he would just leave when it was done.

She didn’t want to get hurt and knew that he would leave when it was done.

She spent the following days in a fog. She didn’t get out of bed until late in the afternoon the following day. Her thoughts spun in all directions. She came up with reasons to argue that it wasn’t rape. She had put herself in the position that got her into trouble. She did it to herself.

Even though she said no over and over and then said “please don’t”.  Then she tried to convince herself that she liked it and participated. Even though she didn’t want to fight and get hurt and she knew he would leave.

Then she remembered, she drove him to her house in her own car to show him some of her art work. What she thought was innocent enough, was apparently taken the wrong way. Misconstrued.  An open invitation to grab her and kiss her before the front door was even closed. What she thought would be a short visit, ended up with a man on top of her taking off her panties.

She didn’t report it. He was a local public figure that everyone loved. Everyone. Again, she told herself, she put herself into the position to get herself in trouble. He was bigger than her, more powerful. Everyone had seen them leaving together. No one would see her side and he would be made out to be the victim.

What did she think was going to happen?

She certainly didn’t expect to be assaulted or to spend the next three weeks in a panic over being pregnant because he didn’t wear a condom. The thoughts about having an abortion to terminate a possible pregnancy swirled through her mind.   The thought of making an appointment the following week to be tested for STD’s didn’t cross her mind.

This story has never even passed through her lips. She has never even told a soul. It all came out in an essay that she wrote that felt more like a confession.  While she isn’t going to harm herself physically, the emotional toll and the shame she feels spilled out all over the pages. Repeating several times that he doesn’t wear underwear and it isn’t circumcised. It, because she can’t say penis.

When she confronted him two days later  and told him that she wanted to terminate the friendship, he turned the tables on her. He told her that the sex was consensual and that he needed affection and he could tell that she did too and that she shouldn’t feel embarrassed, ashamed or regretful.

Now she battles with herself about not reporting it. Instead, she blames herself knowing that what’s worse, this man is walking around free to do this to someone else. Silence. The evidence is gone. All that is left is the recollection and an essay about the night that it happened. Part of her is convinced that this is her fault and that she has to accept responsibility for it.

So. When I told the story about the man at the stop light. There was a lot of rage expressed from my friends. The officers were upset that I didn’t tell them about it right then or bother to call the police. Others made comments about me carrying a fire arm. Which is true but you can’t go around waving your gun at people.

What struck me the most was a question posed to me by a female friend.

“What were you doing out that late?”

What seems like an innocent question has an accusatory undertone.  What was suggested through that question was  that it was my fault  it happened because I was out so late.  I deserved for this person to verbally abuse me and throw  a can of Monster Energy drink at me because I wouldn’t acknowledge him or the things that he was saying to me.  I clearly had it coming for being out past a reasonable hour.

This is a problem in our culture. This is a problem with our thinking.

I was at the gym this past week and this random male stranger walked up to me. I may or may not have seen him around. When I go to the gym, I go there to work and not make friends. I am there for a reason and none of it has anything to do with mingling or flirting with the opposite sex.

This man passes me and says “You’d be pretty if you’d smile,”

Instead of saying anything, I continued what I was doing. I didn’t need to say a word and the look on my face said it all for me. This was apparently an invitation to continue our conversation. He stopped and said:

“Why do you have to be so mean?”

Without even thinking about it I responded.

“I would rather be a mean ol’ bitch than an easy ol’ broad,”

I didn’t even wait for a response I stopped what I was doing and walked away. Before you argue that he was just trying to be nice, he wasn’t. Telling a woman to smile is a direct order and implication of ownership. Implying that she isn’t pretty is rude and none of your concern.

Sadly, it takes being rude or in my case “bitchy” to someone to get them to knock it off or cease the advances. I don’t know how many times I have been married or gay, just to get someone to leave me alone because the word “No” wasn’t good enough for them.

Last year at Christmas time, I was standing in line at Kohl’s Department Store when I heard a click and saw the flash from a cell phone camera. I turned around and caught a guy who, judging by the look on his face, was mortified for just getting caught.  According to the teenager behind him he “Just took a picture of your ass.”

His response for this? “I’m sorry, I thought the flash was off.”

It’s a fact that most women are consciously aware of the dangers around them, and spend the majority of their time keeping themselves safe. We really do go about our days putting forth the effort to avoid being attacked, raped etc. While most of us don’t dwell or live in debilitating fear, it is something that we have become accustomed to as females. It’s carved into our being.

I don’t hate men. Not even close. I love men. I am however, frustrated where we’ve come as a society. I will also say that women can be as guilty as men. Different cultures have different customs or ideas on how to treat women and what their roles are.  We consider ourselves to be so advanced from other cultures yet we constantly blame victims and continue to allow bad behavior.

It starts with us as adults and parents to teach our girls and boys what is right and wrong. I could go on and on about this topic, but I am not going to. It’s a never ending discussion and a hot button for a lot of people. It’s a trigger for some of us.

This makes me angry..






Secrets And Lies- Mommy Edition

My son Dominic is ten. For the past couple of years I have had to seriously monitor him when it comes to getting into the refrigerator and helping himself to juice, milk, chocolate milk and ice cream. This child will consume an entire bottle of orange juice in a short amount of time if you let him. There was a time when I thought he would prefer to live on a liquid diet.

However, he is no longer thirsty when you insist he have water.

You haven’t lived until you’ve discovered a pint of melted ice cream hidden inside another bag that was carefully hidden under the bed in your child’s bedroom. He wasn’t grasping that ice cream is frozen and it will melt.  He knows that now.

To combat this, I have a small refrigerator in the basement so that I can take part in sales when apple juice, orange juice etc go on sale without having to totally police my son and his use of the fridge.  I also have root beer and ice cream. Basically, this fridge holds three large bottles of juice I got on sale and a little carton of ice cream.

He’s allowed whatever he wants as long as it’s in moderation.  He knows that he doesn’t have to ask as long as it’s within reason. I keep fruit in a basket on our kitchen table and a very easy to use Britta filter  container of water in the refrigerator.

You can have a banana, but you can’t have four bananas.

Since he’s currently afraid of the basement and won’t go down the steps, this secret shall remain a secret until he’s older and more brave to go down there. Perhaps by then, he’ll have an understanding of self control. For now, he’s a kiddo being a kiddo.

I confess to hiding in the basement to enjoy a bowl of ice cream or a drink of root beer, undetected.  I’m allowed because I am the mommy and this is my time. Hiding in the laundry room, sitting on top of the dryer. Alone. There is no shame.

So, for Valentine’s Day, I made cupcakes and other goodies to give to his grandmother’s. He has two grandma’s and a great grandma.  My mom and his father’s mother and her mother.

I was putting the baskets together, which also included frosting the rest of the cupcakes. Dom asked if he could have one. He had already had three cupcakes by that time. I told him no and that these were for his grandma’s. He stomped off.

As soon as he was gone, I poured a half glass of milk.  I then fled to the basement to sample a freshly frosted cupcake. I laughed at myself because I think this is hilarious and I also don’t think I am the only mother who does this.


Secret cupcakes

Secret cupcakes


Secret ice cream, secret root beer, secret cupcakes. My basement is full of secrets.

Sweet Souls Of An Old Dog- Hilli

In October, I drove nearly three hours to meet up with the Australian Cattle Dog Rescue of Illinois to pick up a stray that they had taken in.  All we really knew for sure was that she was approximately 7 years old, had cataracts in both eyes and that she was dumped at a pound in Oklahoma for being too old.

Hilli was led through the door on a leash. It was obvious that she did indeed have cataracts in both eyes and she was much older than 7.  Either way, she was in need of a home and senior dogs are hard to place.  After visiting with her for quite awhile, there was no way I wanted anyone else to take her.

Hilli can see a little bit during the day. I’m guessing that she can at least see shadows during the day. At night she will struggle if it’s dark and the lights are off. Once she figured out the house, she was fine.

At first, she was a little timid and would snap at people. She finally learned that she was safe and that there was no need for that behavior. Biting would have been a deal breaker.  She isn’t able to control her bladder much anymore. We deal with that by managing her water intake vs her frequent poddy breaks. It isn’t a perfect plan.

For now, Hilli is healthy and happy. She eats, she plays and she likes to join us on our short hikes. She keeps up just fine and actually does a lot better than Sasha ( the Rottweiler) and doesn’t seem to slow down at all.

There is something great about looking into the eyes of an old dog. Oh, the stories they could tell if they could. Looking past the eyes and seeing that life may not have always been great, but now it is, and that’s all that matters.  She looks forward to clean and warm blankets every morning, meals at the same time every day. A big yard to wander through. Not a care left in the world.

Hilli in October, right after her adoption. She helped my son and I rake leaves in the yard.

Hilli in October, right after her adoption. She helped my son and I rake leaves in the yard.


After adopting Hilli and watching her enjoy what’s left of her time living care free and in peace, it’s actually encouraged me to consider adopting more senior dogs. One at a time, of course, but to simply keep doing it.  The love and appreciation that is felt is overwhelming.

Why would anyone want to pass that up?


A Walk In the Woods- Snowfall Means Snowshoes


We had a significant amount of snow fall in my area over the past two days. I made a last minute decision to go out to the park for a short hike before work.  I grabbed the bag that contained my snow shoes, loaded Lu in the car and off we went.

It was the first time this year that I was able to hike with my snowshoes. They definitely came in handy as the snow was just about to my knees. Snowshoes really do make a difference when you’re making your way through deep and heavy snow.

I was the first person to trek through the freshly fallen snow in the park. It was still snowing lightly when I arrived, but then the sun came out and the sky was the most beautiful shade of blue that I have seen in awhile.

I almost couldn’t stop staring at it.

Blue skies.. Nothing but blue skies..

Blue skies.. Nothing but blue skies..


It was so beautiful!


I didn’t get to hike for very long before I had to get in the car and head back home. I had to work and the decision to go out to the park was last minute. Even though I didn’t have a lot of time, I still enjoyed it.

As usual. I had the entire place to myself. Lu and I had a really good time.  I took some photographs. I hope you’ll check out the gallery below.  It was a gorgeous morning. The sky was amazing.



You See, What Happened Was

Cheers. It's tea time.

Cheers. It’s tea time.

I swear I didn’t fall off the face of the earth..

You see, what happened was..

I used to want to write a book and fill it with all of the stories that  I have ever heard through out my career that started out with “You see, what happened was”. They were generally far fetched tales that didn’t make sense because more than likely, they were made up on the spot.

I will never forget the times I spent working a court detail and listening to story after story about how something so wild and unbelievable could happen to the story teller that led them to land in front of the magistrate.

I used to write reminders in my notebook that only I could understand, so that I could remember the gems that I heard in court that day. I would laugh until I had tears streaming down my face sometimes at some of the things that people would come up with.

It was their story and with God as their witness, they were stickin’ to it.

Someone would begin with “You see, what happened was,” and my brain would automatically think “Oh this ought to be good”. It usually was. It was usually hilarious.  I certainly don’t find pleasure in another persons misfortune, but seriously. I am 39 years old this year and I have yet to wear my cousins jeans that happen to have baggies of *insert illegal substance and/or item here* in the pockets.

I’ve also never gone shopping and had merchandise fall into my purse.

Anyway. I am still alive. The past week has been a hodge podge of exhaustion, being busy, lazy and other lame excuses. I actually have had a pretty good week. I have no complaints. I’ve been working a little bit of overtime, but not like I was. I am starting to feel better.

My only valid excuse I can use for not blogging,  is that I am pretty sure that I dropped my internet air card into a box of items that I donated to Goodwill. It has simply vanished into thin air. I tore apart  my bedroom. The last place I saw it was attached to my laptop on my bed. I moved my bed and took the sheets and mattress pad off and shook them out.

Nothing. Gone.

Have you seen me?

Have you seen me?

Yes, I still use an air card for internet. I’ve had the same one since 2008 too. I have no use for Wifi at my house. I probably use the internet at my home maybe for an hour total, in a month. It’s more handy to use my smart phone to check e-mail and keep up with life. If I need to update other devices, I just take them to work or Starbucks etc.

I generally don’t like to blog from my phone though. I never seem to get it right and then when I look at the post on a regular PC, everything is off or my photo’s aren’t right.  I’ve also been training people at work so it limits the time that I can spend on the computer.

I’ve got a new device on order so I should have the internet at home sometime soon. I’m also not scheduled to train for awhile either. Oh the free time I have at work to do my personal business. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

In closing. I am fine. I’ve been feeling a lot better. I’ve just been busy living my life a bit. I’ve got some pictures to prove it that I will share in some upcoming posts.

I hope that everyone is well and that you’ve had a great week!


Home and Family Time- The Weekend

I had a rare weekend off. I work a rotational schedule and it takes awhile for them to come back around. My son was also home this weekend, rather than being with his dad, nearly 3 hours away.

I made a heroic attempt to get the majority of the larger chores done before he got out of school for the day on Friday. Not only did a make a huge dent in the laundry, but I managed to organize and mop my basement.

I’ve been wanting to get that basement under control for quite awhile. How long? There might be years involved here. Years. At least two. I’ve lived here for three years.   It wasn’t stinky and dirty, it was mostly just unorganized. I’m not totally finished. I want to repaint the walls, the floor and get a shelving unit. Or two.

Mission mostly accomplished. I even mopped the kitchen before I left to pick him up.

We decided that morning when I dropped him off that we were going to have a date night and go to his favorite restaurant, Chik Fil A, for dinner. He actually likes to go grocery shopping and doing what I refer to as “administrative” things. ie: going to the bank, car wash etc.  So yes, grocery shopping is appropriate for date night.

My silly kiddo.

My silly kiddo. Hamming it up for the camera.

We enjoyed our dinner. Dom is a connoisseur of sauces and prefers honey mustard for his nuggets and ketchup only, for his waffle fries.  One of the employees even gave him a red balloon ( his favorite color ) after she brought us our ice cream cones. He was pretty tickled about that.

After dinner we made our trip to the grocery store.  I asked him what he wanted to have for dinner ( the next day ) and he told me that he wanted to have Tacos. We had to make sure to pick up plenty of supplies for taco making.

He also suckered me into buying a package of the mini Baybel cheese wheels. It isn’t hard to talk me into such things when you’re as cute as he is and you ask nice. He pretty much gets whatever he wants because he’s so well behaved and doesn’t ask for things very often.

We had a nice and quiet evening at home, watching movies, reading and snuggling.  It’s always nice to be able to spend time with him without interruptions, like school or visitation with his dad. Between all of these things and my work schedule, I protect this time with him.

The next morning, when we finally got up and around, we had lunch and then headed out to do a little hiking. The temperature had warmed up to 50 degrees. The majority of the snow is gone, but there’s a little bit of ice here and there. There’s also plenty of mud. Which we found a mixture of when we got out to the trail.

We hiked for awhile and headed back to the car before it started to get dark. There were tacos to be made when we got home and we were both looking forward to that!  It was a great weekend and we had a lot of fun. I was sad to drop him off at school on Monday morning.

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Check out my gallery below to see some more of ours.


When Your BFF Is a Jerk- Part Two

This blog post is a follow up to another one that I wrote a week or two ago called “When Your BFF Is A Jerk” 

I had a rare weekend off. I spent the majority of my Friday morning cleaning the house and doing laundry.  I washed a mountain of laundry and also managed to wash all of the dog beds.  Between the three dogs, we have at least six beds total and a number of blankets.

I say a “number of blankets” because I am seriously not sure. With Hilli ( the red cattle dog) being elderly, and not able to hold her bladder, you need a few otherwise you would be doing laundry every day.

I have three beds upstairs for each dog. I took Lu’s bed and the cover for Sasha’s up to the side room where I usually keep them and left them on the floor. Hilli’s was still in the dryer. I came back a few minutes later and this is what I saw.


Poor sad Sasha

Poor sad Sasha

Lu took her bed and not only put it on top of Sasha’s bed, but she’s also laying on the cover for Sasha’s bed.  Oh Dingo Lu, you’re such a cattle dog. AS you can see,  Sasha is completely milking the pity out of this moment.  Just look at that face!  Look at Lu and the “I don’t care,” look on her face. She’s priceless. She’s such a turd.

Lu is a great dog and all three of them get along really well. They play together and very rarely do they scuffle or growl at each other. You put three women anywhere and you’ll occasionally have some bickering.

Silly girls. I couldn’t imagine life without them.