Home and Family Time- The Weekend

I had a rare weekend off. I work a rotational schedule and it takes awhile for them to come back around. My son was also home this weekend, rather than being with his dad, nearly 3 hours away.

I made a heroic attempt to get the majority of the larger chores done before he got out of school for the day on Friday. Not only did a make a huge dent in the laundry, but I managed to organize and mop my basement.

I’ve been wanting to get that basement under control for quite awhile. How long? There might be years involved here. Years. At least two. I’ve lived here for three years.   It wasn’t stinky and dirty, it was mostly just unorganized. I’m not totally finished. I want to repaint the walls, the floor and get a shelving unit. Or two.

Mission mostly accomplished. I even mopped the kitchen before I left to pick him up.

We decided that morning when I dropped him off that we were going to have a date night and go to his favorite restaurant, Chik Fil A, for dinner. He actually likes to go grocery shopping and doing what I refer to as “administrative” things. ie: going to the bank, car wash etc.  So yes, grocery shopping is appropriate for date night.

My silly kiddo.

My silly kiddo. Hamming it up for the camera.

We enjoyed our dinner. Dom is a connoisseur of sauces and prefers honey mustard for his nuggets and ketchup only, for his waffle fries.  One of the employees even gave him a red balloon ( his favorite color ) after she brought us our ice cream cones. He was pretty tickled about that.

After dinner we made our trip to the grocery store.  I asked him what he wanted to have for dinner ( the next day ) and he told me that he wanted to have Tacos. We had to make sure to pick up plenty of supplies for taco making.

He also suckered me into buying a package of the mini Baybel cheese wheels. It isn’t hard to talk me into such things when you’re as cute as he is and you ask nice. He pretty much gets whatever he wants because he’s so well behaved and doesn’t ask for things very often.

We had a nice and quiet evening at home, watching movies, reading and snuggling.  It’s always nice to be able to spend time with him without interruptions, like school or visitation with his dad. Between all of these things and my work schedule, I protect this time with him.

The next morning, when we finally got up and around, we had lunch and then headed out to do a little hiking. The temperature had warmed up to 50 degrees. The majority of the snow is gone, but there’s a little bit of ice here and there. There’s also plenty of mud. Which we found a mixture of when we got out to the trail.

We hiked for awhile and headed back to the car before it started to get dark. There were tacos to be made when we got home and we were both looking forward to that!  It was a great weekend and we had a lot of fun. I was sad to drop him off at school on Monday morning.

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Check out my gallery below to see some more of ours.


10 thoughts on “Home and Family Time- The Weekend

  1. jennlives says:

    We had a great weekend. It was really nice to just be at home and not running around all over the place too. We go and do fun stuff but it seems like we spend a lot of time in the car there. I have gotten to the point that the traveling is getting a little annoying because we do so much of it. It was just really nice. I worry a lot about his quality of life and being little and having a great childhood. I’ve been this way since the divorce and because I work etc. I try to go the extra mile to make sure our time together is special for him. It’s hard when during the week ( school year ) I only get him for breakfast and then to tuck him in at night. It would be nice if I could go to days, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

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  2. ReadBetweentheLyme says:

    It sounds like you two had a great time. My husband always worries about the same with his daughter. Not so much now since she is about to graduate high school and she’s got her own stuff going on but when she was younger, he was always worried about time spent together. But honestly, it sounds like you are doing an amazing job and he looks very happy! Don’t fret too much. Enjoy your time together.

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  3. heathermstaley2014 says:

    I loved the muddy shoe pictures! Reminded me so much of my girls, and thier antics after a nature walk or being out with the animals. Dom has such kind eyes! They just melted my heart!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. jennlives says:

    He’s so silly. I nearly died when he pretended to lick his finger. He’s got such a great personality. He’s only ten but he’s just brilliant with his comedy and always has perfect timing.

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