Sweet Souls Of An Old Dog- Hilli

In October, I drove nearly three hours to meet up with the Australian Cattle Dog Rescue of Illinois to pick up a stray that they had taken in.  All we really knew for sure was that she was approximately 7 years old, had cataracts in both eyes and that she was dumped at a pound in Oklahoma for being too old.

Hilli was led through the door on a leash. It was obvious that she did indeed have cataracts in both eyes and she was much older than 7.  Either way, she was in need of a home and senior dogs are hard to place.  After visiting with her for quite awhile, there was no way I wanted anyone else to take her.

Hilli can see a little bit during the day. I’m guessing that she can at least see shadows during the day. At night she will struggle if it’s dark and the lights are off. Once she figured out the house, she was fine.

At first, she was a little timid and would snap at people. She finally learned that she was safe and that there was no need for that behavior. Biting would have been a deal breaker.  She isn’t able to control her bladder much anymore. We deal with that by managing her water intake vs her frequent poddy breaks. It isn’t a perfect plan.

For now, Hilli is healthy and happy. She eats, she plays and she likes to join us on our short hikes. She keeps up just fine and actually does a lot better than Sasha ( the Rottweiler) and doesn’t seem to slow down at all.

There is something great about looking into the eyes of an old dog. Oh, the stories they could tell if they could. Looking past the eyes and seeing that life may not have always been great, but now it is, and that’s all that matters.  She looks forward to clean and warm blankets every morning, meals at the same time every day. A big yard to wander through. Not a care left in the world.

Hilli in October, right after her adoption. She helped my son and I rake leaves in the yard.

Hilli in October, right after her adoption. She helped my son and I rake leaves in the yard.


After adopting Hilli and watching her enjoy what’s left of her time living care free and in peace, it’s actually encouraged me to consider adopting more senior dogs. One at a time, of course, but to simply keep doing it.  The love and appreciation that is felt is overwhelming.

Why would anyone want to pass that up?


10 thoughts on “Sweet Souls Of An Old Dog- Hilli

  1. kellyanneolga says:

    that is so sweet~ Hilli is a lucky dog to have found you! My friend and I like to look at the “old Dog Haven ” website. he has an older dog (rescue) and it gives him encouragement and for me, well, I lost an “old dog” and my best buddy last year. you are right, their eyes say so much! Some day when I am in the right position to do so I would love to give an old dog shelter.

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  2. RoaringRed says:

    It is so awesome that you rescued an older dog! So few are willing to rescue, especially an animal past a certain age. Such a breath of fresh air to see another deserving creature getting a wonderful, loved life!

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  3. jennlives says:

    Thanks for that. I was worried more about what was going to happen to her if someone didn’t step up. I have a relationship with the rescue that had her as this is the same place where Lu came from. I didn’t pay an adoption fee, I just went to the meet n greet to pick her up.

    It pains me to know that someone dumped her off at the pound just because she was too old for them. You know, if you’re going to keep a dog for years and years and make them part of the family up until that point, I think the most humane thing they could have at least done for her was to put her to sleep.

    I don’t know that Hilli ever got the chance to understand that she was unwanted or even dumped. The rescue picked her up pretty fast and her feet barely touched the ground before she went home with me. both good things.. I’m glad that it happened that way.

    On a funny or not funny note, due to her being mostly blind, I’ve had to make adaptations for her. One of them is to make sure that the patio door is open all the way because otherwise she will run into the glass at full speed and nearly knock herself out. I’ve also had to place a pad at the end of the basement steps and at the end of the staircase to go upstairs because she sometimes either gets going to fast or loses count of where she is and totally bops into the wall.

    Really, as long as I monitor her fluid intake and get her in and out often, I don’t clean up too many messes. It hasn’t been horrible. We’ve had our moments but in all, I don’t regret the decision to bring her home.

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  4. jennlives says:

    Thank you for that. I’ve been lucky in that she hasn’t had any serious health issues with the exception of her cataracts. Other than that she’s happy and healthy and probably still sleeping in the same place she was when I left for work.

    It doesn’t really matter to me at this point if I don’t have her long or if she doesn’t get to do a lot with us as a family, she’s happy, fed, comfortable and that’s all that matters I think. Too bad I didn’t get to know her sooner 🙂


  5. kellyanneolga says:

    I’m sorry Hilli, but I got a giggle out of running into the patio door! But who hasn’t done that!? Please tell Hilli for me that yes, I have done it too and I see fine! (I guess)
    You know I’ve heard of working dogs being given up or put down when they can no longer do their jobs. and they are still relatively young. I can’t imagine that honestly, but I guess you would very quickly have a LOT of old, disabled dogs wandering around your ranch if you let them live out their old age there. Sounds like she just needed a few tips and some love and she will be doing great with you guys! hey Thanks for the follow Jennie~


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