How You Know Your Human BFF Is A Keeper- Hiding the Body

A few days ago I wrote a post about how my little red Australian Cattledog, Hilli, had passed away called “Death and Friends-Hilli Has Flown Away.”  I ended up placing her in the freezer at my friend Diana’s house  because I am in Indiana and it gets cold here. The ground is frozen. Frozen solid. You would need large equipment to dig a grave.

I am not afraid  to admit that this has given me a little anxiety.  It’s a huge favor and it’s a really big deal to me that she be honored for her lifetime of love and everything she’s ever been through. It also grosses me out a little bit.

Her response to my repeated THANK YOU! was totally classic.

She said “Everyone needs a friend that will let you keep a body in their freezer,”

I would totally do that for her too and she knows it.  How cool is that?

Our conversations are always the best too. The stuff we come up with would make hilarious Saturday Night  Live skits. We are a great Lifetime Television For Women movie about loyalty and friendship. We’ve both been through some garbage and our stories are similar. We just get each other.

We work the same shift and quite often depend on each other to keep the other amused and break the boredom or even vent or whatever comes up.  At least once in the shift I try to send a totally hilarious photo that I found on the internet that’s way too inappropriate for my Facebook.

So tonight, one of our co workers was bragging about how they had already been paid. Our automatic deposits don’t generally hit until at least 2am on Friday morning. Somehow, she claims, her check already hit the bank. Knowing her though, she just told us all that to laugh at how we would all check our accounts fifty times in the next hour.

This led to us talking about bills and kissing our pay checks goodbye the minute they even hit our accounts. Such is life. It then led her to disclose her mortgage payment at a house she doesn’t live at because she just got married.

This is also where Hilli is currently wrapped in a blanket and in several garbage bags, in her freezer.

Hello again anxiety.

This is what that conversation looked like..

Partner in crime.

Partner in crime.


In case you’re confused, the plan is to bury Hilli’s body, at a currently undisclosed location, where she liked to go hiking with me. It’s probably not legal and we aren’t going to ask for permission. It’s going to be a cover of darkness, plant shovels by the road, hide the car and hurry with a frozen beloved pet….

In reality if we got caught, we probably wouldn’t actually get in real live trouble considering our ties to local law enforcement. We would likely get the low or high brow reaction and probably an offer to help us dig. Seriously, who is going to scold us for this and mean it? I’m telling you, we are a made for television movie.

This is isn’t supposed to be funny but right now, I’m seriously smiling because I have a great friend who knows what matters and that’s the greatest feeling ever.  I’ve said that I keep my circle small. I would rather have a handful of amazing friends than two hands full of mediocre or just plain crappy ones.

Di is a gem and I am so overlywhelming grateful for her.




2 thoughts on “How You Know Your Human BFF Is A Keeper- Hiding the Body

  1. rontuaru says:

    I can appreciate your dark sense of humor. One year (many moons ago) my husband was VERY late arriving home from work on my birthday, which just happens to be on Valentines day. I though, no problem, he’s known for his last-minute shopping and he’s probably scrambling around trying to find a florist that’s still open. As I recall, it was a snowy, bitterly cold night. As the minutes turned into well over an hour I became more an more annoyed. Bad enough that I had to cook my own birthday dinner and cake, but the least he could do is get home at a decent time! When he finally walked in the door he immediately apologized, then said he had to change his clothes and start the tractor and oh, by the way my gift was in his truck. Confused, I asked him why he needed the tractor and he said, “Well, because I have a sheep!” Huh? I didn’t recall ever wanting a sheep for my birthday! As I followed him around I questioned him more. Turns out, the sheep was DEAD! WTF??? He got me a dead sheep for my birthday? Well, no. He got me flowers. (They were also in the truck) The dead sheep in the back of his truck (lamb, actually) belonged to the son of one of his employees. It was a 4-H project gone awry. When the lamb suddenly died, the boy had no way to bury it in the dead of winter. So hey … my hubby would be more than happy to help …. on my birthday, no less! When all was said and done I was proud of my husband because we both felt really bad for the kid who lost his baby sheep. Life is tough sometimes. Unfortunately, that’s just part and parcel of learning to raise livestock. The moral of the story? If you’re going to have animals and live someplace where you get five months of frozen ground then it’s probably good to own a backhoe. 😉

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  2. jennlives says:

    That still had to have been aggravating for you. I’m glad he was able to help someone else out. I’m still annoyed on your behalf though 😉
    I don’t have anywhere to park a backhoe. lol. Moving forward, no one is allowed to die during the winter months. I’ve been fairly lucky with animals in that regard. Or unlucky I guess, depends how you look at it. All of the horses that I’ve had have passed on while the ground was decent. One of them we dug the hole for and walked them down into and then put them down.
    That’s the damnedest thing to watch the first time you’ve had to see it. The same for when one of the boarders chose to have their pony picked up vs having us bury it. Ew. And , not for me.


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