Taking Courses Online- An Adventure In Interests

I don’t even remember what I was reading where I came across information for Open2Study.com . I found the link saved to my favorites and that reminded me to go and check out the website.

I cautiously want to share this website with other people while I have just starting using the site and am considering enrollment into several of the courses that they have offered. It appears that they start their courses over every 4-5 weeks.

Open2Study is a website that offers several, free, online courses that cover various topics from Midwifery to Physics to Anthropology.  The Anthropology course is the the that I have decided to enroll in.

It is a consortium of different universities in Australia.

While I have been been seriously considering going back to school (along with the list of other things I keep saying that I want to do) I am leery to do so given that I haven’t gone to school in almost twenty years.

It is true that I have had to take several courses over the past few years in order to be employed and keep my employment. I have to obtain several certifications and then re-certify every couple of years.  With that said, it’s not quite the same thing as going back to school.

You know, spending a few thousand dollars doing it.

I am also open to admitting that a lot of my problem is that I am very bored and unchallenged in life right now. I blame the majority of my restlessness on the fact that I feel like every day is the same. I am focusing on work work and work. All the time.

I think that it will be good for me to have this as a distraction. It will give me something to look forward to, something to do and in the end they give you a certificate of achievement. While that’s not a college credit that can go towards a degree, it might be a leg up by giving me experience through knowledge that I can apply.

There are three courses that I can apply to my job currently.

First though, I am going to complete the course on Anthropology: Becoming Human. I am going to do this one because it interests me and for fun. I think I will enjoy it and it has very good reviews from other people who took the course.

Everything that I have read about this has been positive.

If you’re interested you can check it out at Open2study.com

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