Saving Money Apps And the Accidental Mood Swing

A co worker mentioned an app that he came across called Digit. You link your bank account with Digit and it assists you in saving money by using algorithms to discover how you spend money.  It pulls money from your account and places it into a savings account in denominations that you won’t miss.

Sometimes it takes out $2.00 and sometimes it will take $20.

When I signed up for the program, I opted to receive updates from the software. It will notify you of your daily balance and also how much you have saved so far. Every now and then it will notify you of updates. Sometimes, these updates annoy me, especially if I am having “one of those days”.

Today, I got one of these updates to notify me of the creation of an app I can put on my iPhone. I was feeling smarmy so I responded to the text, totally expecting it to either do nothing or give me an error message.  Below is a screen shot from my cell phone of my text exchange from the Digits software.

Except in real life, they’re animated.




I can’t lie. I literally laughed at loud.

Digit is a great resource if you’re looking for a method to assist you in saving money. The service is free to you. You can even control how often it takes out money and you can pause the service and set when you want to turn it back on etc. Also, you can make withdrawals and put the money back into your account. It usually only takes a day.

I don’t generally advertise products or services but, this is a good one.

Still laughing over this.

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