Just Because You Knock On My Door- The Blind, Deaf, Mute Story

Tell me if you think I am rude.

I was really busy this morning. My son and I were up and out the door by 9:30 to run some errands and go to the grocery store. I set a land speed record because I managed to go to the bank, drive to a different city, stop by a grocery store and make it back to my house in just over an hour.

We get home, he takes off to go and do his thing and I start some chores. I say some because I am  one of those people who starts about five different tasks and takes turns completing them all. For example, I was doing dishes and folding the laundry. While the sink was filling, I was changing around the washer and dryer.

I had to work today so time was limited. Needless to say, I was rushing myself to get things done. What else is new, right? My goal was to be in the shower by noon so I could leave by 1. Somewhere in there I needed to make lunch for my son and get his bag ready for his afternoon with his grandma.

By 11:30 I was sitting on the couch, eating a sandwich, folding my socks and watching an episode of Ghost Adventures. I told you, I can multi-task. I have stacks of clothing on my coffee table and a basket piling up.

My couch is near the front door.  I have my front door standing open and the screen open on the storm door. It was a really nice morning and the fresh air was amazing. I was actually enjoying myself. I even thought to myself, this is really nice.


A woman who had to be at least 80 years old came ambling up my walk and up onto my porch. I can see that she’s holding a stack of literature in her hands because I see “Watch Tower” in big letters. She’s a Jehovah’s Witness.

She starts knocking on the door. I am sitting on my couch in pretty much plain view. There is no way that this woman can’t see me. A moment later a much younger male dressed in a very nice suit appears next to her on the porch. There is no way that he can’t see me sitting on the couch.

I am staring at them.

My mind is having several thoughts at once.

I don’t feel like talking.   I don’t have time for this. I want to watch my show. I’m trying to relax before work. What do I even say to make these people leave?

Also, I can’t tell this woman that I am not interested in hearing what she has to say to me about her version of God. She’s adorable and really old.  I’m truly not interested as I am already set in my own beliefs and a transfer at this point in my life would just be silly.

They continue to knock harder. I continue to ignore.

There is no way they can’t see me but they aren’t saying anything about it.

While all of this is happening, in the back ground, the crew of Ghost Adventures is discussing how employees of an old cement factory turned Halloween attraction, discovered a satanic bible in one of the sections in the building. At once point, they were doing a reenactment and beeping out the entire segment as to avoid any adverse reactions for viewers. I believe the episode is called “Fear Factory”

Laugh all you want to but that’s what they were doing. And all of that was going down while the Jehovah’s Witnesses were standing at my door.  I didn’t make a move, say hello or even an attempt to acknowledge these people.

I knew they could see me.  They just looked at each other, turned around and walked down the steps to a car that was waiting in the street.  I thought that was odd, but this woman was really old. Maybe they are planning a heist, who knows, time will tell.

As they walked towards the street they leaned in to speak to each other.  I couldn’t hear what they were saying to each other but I bet that they were planning to say an extra prayer for that poor woman who lives in this house as she is clearly a blind and deaf mute.

2 thoughts on “Just Because You Knock On My Door- The Blind, Deaf, Mute Story

  1. heroesnpirates says:

    Thanks for the story! I’d guess we all have similar ones which is why comedians routinely poke fun at Jehovah Witness visiting behavior. Years ago I was training in the basement,music going, and heard the dogs erupt upstairs – same thing, oblivious Jehovah Witness guy. Ty looked like a pure demon in the window and most would have worried he’d come through the glass at them. I was all pumped up, sweaty, annoyed and there was Ty… I gestured to the dog and then yelled through the door, “Can’t you see that?” Otherwise he just would have stood there with his pamphlets and kept ringing the bell.

    A much more serious instance occurred to a old friend I haven’t seen in years. He’s not quite as responsible as I am about keeping dogs confined and had an extremely dangerous Akita that ultimately began biting his own self and had to be put down. In one edge-of-the-seat event, that poor, disturbed dog saw a car stop at the bottom of his long driveway and rocketed from his door. My friend gesticulated wildly and repeatedly screamed, “get in your car!” likely just barely saving the elderly woman. A split second later, Mo arrived to crash against the hastily slammed car door.

    For all Mo’s problems, he’s the dog my friend would get saddest recalling. 😦 RIP, Mo.


  2. jennlives says:

    Oh geez!! That’s crazy AND I can relate. When I lived out in the country, I had a rottweiler dog (Hope) that I would let run loose when I was out working in the yard. I was on approx 3 acres and I had a huge horse shoe drive. One day a big conversion van pulled into the drive, and instead of just backing up and going back the other way (like most lost strangers did ) they continued to pull up around the house and in front of my barn. I was on my riding mower with my head phones jammed in my ears. I watch as this woman gets out of the van and all I can think is “She doesn’t belong around here,” Needless to say also, I wasn’t exactly thrilled about shutting down the mower and talking to someone. While all of this is happening, Hope is losing her mind and barking at the van and this woman gets out! I was like, doesn’t she see the 100# Rottweiler? I decided that since she clearly didn’t belong out here and might be lost that I ought to do the right thing and talk to her.
    The Watch Tower propaganda comes out and I am like. No thank you. I am done. I’m busy, not interested etc etc. At some point in history the word “No” became a negotiation. I waved her off and got back on the tractor and started mowing again. Rude right? This woman stood in my driveway with a weird smirk on her face while my dog was barking at her and hopping in place. Brave. She stood there for probably ten minutes before she realized I wasn’t making time for her visit.
    So, maybe I actually did handle it the best way. If I had acknowledged the woman on my doorstep a few days ago, I would have been tied up all afternoon. This lady was adorable and old. I’m a sucker.


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