Motivational Posters: Keeping Your Sense Of Humor

Somehow, while gripping on to my sanity, I have also managed to keep my sense of humor. I think that is one of the most important things to be able to do in life. I admit, I can be fairly twisted too. I think a lot of inappropriate things are funny. It comes with my territory.  I have to laugh or I will cry.

Due to staffing issues, we have been forced to work a lot of overtime. How much? Just a hair under being an obscene amount of overtime. Enough that I am behind in laundry, my dogs are mad at me and I stopped shaving my legs every day.

We are a tired and weary group of people.  A friend and I do our best through out our shifts to text funny pictures or what not back and forth.  Anything that we can do to distract us from our current state of being held hostage by work. Yay work!

*disclaimer*  I am not complaining. I am tired though.

I received a new “free app of the week” notification for an app called “ReType” that allows you to add text and edit photographs. They also provide several free stock photo’s for you to play with. It has everything from landscapes, the sky and even objects.

I took a short break and while I did so, I played with ReType app little bit and the urge to be silly swept over me. It could have been the lack or sleep or that I have been cooped up for too long making me so loopy.

While perusing the app, I came across a picture of a  kitten struggling to hang onto a rope, the first thought that came to mind was “Hang in there you little asshole,” I know right, perfectly reasonable response to something so adorable.

Then one thing led to another and then following was born:


I texted the image to a few friends who thought it was a riot.  Then that led to a post on Facebook which led to people somehow thinking that the image was my own intellectual property ( it isn’t entirely ) and begged for permission to use it.

Then of course, I had to make prints of it. Admit it, it’s funny and you want to hang it above your desk at work, home office or locker.  They actually turned out really nice. I used the Walgreen’s photo app on my phone and use the versions that I had saved to Instagram.  They’re 3×5 and full of awesome.



Oh yes, there’s more!

My inner adolescent is pleased.

Apparently others were satisfied also because several people asked me to make them a copy  so that they could have one.  I personally have the kitten hanging in my locker at work.

Personally, I adore this one although many people hate the C-word.


Seriously.. Just don’t.





And lastly, since I don’t want to clog up your data plan..

Often times when you’re overwhelmed at life and feeling totally bogged down, it’s hard to not feel like you’re wasting your life or even that the good days have passed you by..

So, with that said.  Remember, your dreams have died, just like the star you wished upon.


They're gone man..

They’re gone man..


I am easily amused sometimes. Albeit childish to use profanity or even laugh at this stuff,  we still  laughed and that’s what is important. For a lot of us, life is rough. We’re tired, we’re weary and we just want to make it to days off.  And payday.


I hope that everyone has a great Monday and an even better week!!



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