Happy Autumn!



Dom and I went out to a local place called Farmer Bill’s. It’s a farm stand that’s literally on the side of the road, not too far from my home town and well worth the drive from where we live now.

I don’t usually decorate too much for the seasons or the holidays other than Christmas, but I do like to decorate a little bit for Autumn. I like to at least decorate my porch and I have to make sure that Dom has a jack-o-lantern for Halloween.

I’ve been going out to Farmer Bill’s for the past eight years or so.  The stand has always appeared to be the project of the woman who lives on the farm there. She is the one that has always met me or has at least been around when I visited. Sometimes her husband, Mr. Farmer Bill is there to meet customers.

I love it when Mr. Farmer Bill is running the show for the day. I am pretty sure that he was making up the prices for me as we went. I am really certain that the planter of mums was supposed to be more than $8.00.  I was reluctant to go with his price because I knew better but he insisted. Love the bright colors!!


I love my Sacrecrow.








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