A Walk In the Park

Sometimes I don’t have time to venture too far from home. Sometimes, I lack the ambition to do so. I usually blame it on being tired. Quite often, I just don’t have time. 

I’ve explained before that I am your typical Introverted personality. I need a lot of space and quiet time to recharge myself. As you know, my life is crisis for six days a week, eight to twelve hours a day. Add the stress of everything else and it was easy for me to tell that I needed to detach and spend some time outside and away from people.

I enjoy the quiet. You can learn a lot by just sitting and listening. Solutions to problems can creep into your mind, you notice things that you didn’t before.

Sometimes even amazing little things can happen. Be quiet and see what transpires. Pay attention and own your moments.

I enjoy walking the three mile loop along the river walk in the city where I work. From the parking lot around the several conjoined city parks, it’s exactly three miles. 

It’s beautiful out there. Along the way, you may encounter wildlife. Ducks, geese, turtles and squirrels. Occasionally, in the early morning, I’ve seen a fox. 

With the exception of the turtles and the fox, the animals are fairly accustomed to people. People are guilty of feeding them. The city actually has an ordinance against feeding the ducks and Canada geese because the Canada geese are really aggressive. 

The squirrels are curious and always watch me as I pass by. When I sit near the wall by the river, they get really close to me in order to check me out. They’ve gotten used to me passing by and stopping. They stopped running away when I approach.

Overtime, as I sit and watch the river flow past, they’ve inched themselves closer and closer. No doubt looking for a hand out. I’ve always had a policy about keeping wildlife wild, however, I don’t live in a national park. 

They’re fun to watch. 

On the occasion, I leave shelled peanuts on the trail behind the trees where only the squirrels can find them. Recently, they’ve become brace and will actually take a peanut from my hand.

I’ve never claimed to be perfect. I’ve never claimed to know it all. When your childhood friend and your cousin find you to be “disgusting” based on your opinions about love and peace,  it’s good to know that the squirrels still think you’re awesome.

I don’t recommend feeding wildlife. With that said, these guys are fairly accustomed to people. As you can see they are obviously used to me but they are still leery of humans. So please don’t scold me. 

I don’t plan on giving up my Zen.

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