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Amy Schumer

It seems like the election is still causing people to be out of their minds. I’ve done my best to not get involved in any conversation about anything that is even remotely close to politics. It can’t be avoided. It’s starting to really piss me off.

The same people who were very outspoken one way are now becoming the monster they said that they were trying to avoid. It’s as astonishing to watch as it is horrifying. I don’t even recognize anyone anymore.

Here’s the thing. I am a reasonable person. I do crazy things like reading articles past their headlines. I am able to tell when something is total and complete BS and when it isn’t. I can also tell when something has been taken completely out of context.

I don’t generally listen to the blathering that is coming out of the faces of those close to me. If they show signs of anger I shut off my abilities to listen and wait for the droning to stop before I zone back in on their face. I simply can’t stand to listen to it anymore.

When an intelligent, professional human being, will claim that Snopes is fake because they debunked a fake news story, there is a serious problem.  You would think that same person would be relieved to find out that they had been duped by a fake news story, there were a lot of them going around, and that they would be happy.

Nope. We seem to have become a society of people who live to be riled up and all pissed off about something.

So, when my guy and I were out and about on Black Friday and perusing the venues for something to do, we saw that Amy Schumer, was performing at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont (near Chicago). I really like Amy Schumer. I like everything about this woman. I’ve seen her stand up in the past and I faithfully DVR her sketch comedy show on Comedy Central “Inside Amy Schumer”.

So what’s the problem?  The problem are my friends who have become crazy people who now have very loud opinions about things.  I could already hear it now. You went to see that *insert insult here * Amy Schumer? You paid money for that? Bla bla and friggin’ bla.

What’s the problem?  Awhile back, but most recently,  Amy was forced to have security remove people from the audience during a performance. They were disrupting her show to the point that she was having a real hard time getting past it and moving on.  You can’t just allow people be disruptive nor should you expect her to just take it.

Sounds reasonable right? I thought so. Except it came out later that it was “political bias” and that she threw out “Trump Supporters”. Well. If they were people in the audience acting like fools and they happened to also be Trump supporters, then I guess she threw out some Trump supporters. It wasn’t because she found out they supported a specific politician and she tossed them out due to that. They were being disruptive.

False narrative.

Last year, when her movie “Train Wreck” was released, a man went into a movie theater in Louisiana and opened fire, killing two women and injuring many others.  Amy was deeply affected by this. She then decided to lobby for stricter gun laws and increased funding for people with mental illness.

She never intended or implied to have the government take your guns away. She’s lobbying to ensure that people with a history or domestic abuse and mental illness aren’t able to legally purchase fire arms. There are laws that are already in place but they can be fairly loose depending on where you live in the country.  Not everyone is following them as they should be. There should be penalties for that.

People hate her for this. That’s what is crazy to me. Not only was she looking to raise awareness of the problem, she was also attempting to be part of the solution by seeking to have more funding available to assist people with mental illness.  Amy is perfectly clear that criminals don’t buy their weapons at a gun store like meth users don’t buy their meth from the meth store.

There is nothing wrong with either of these issues that my recently unrecognizable group of friends and acquaintances seem to take issue with. They haven’t  bothered to actually listen to what this woman has said in regards to either of the issues I mentioned above. They read a headline or hear something and it’s off to the races. They gallop off into the sunset with their misinformation and their anger.

I am a reasonable human being and I do my best not to judge anyone for any reason. I will always listen to what you have to say. I may or may not agree with you. What I don’t agree with is anyone who wants to confront or challenge me or question my patriotism over the fact that we bought tickets to see Amy Schumer.

I’m going to go ahead and be who I am and do whatever I want to do. Anyone who is standing in your way of enjoying your life and judges you for it due to their own issues, really isn’t a friend and needs to step aside.

I’m certainly done putting up with it. I can’t imagine living my day to day life just shutting down every single time I wanted to enjoy something that I like or just didn’t do what I wanted to do because it would freak somebody out.

In case you wondered, Amy was phenomenal. We had a great time. I will continue to be a fan of hers for reasons other than the fact that she’s hilarious. She stands up for the issues that she is passionate about and she has put herself out there to be part of the solution for those issues.

That’s more than the people who judge me or attempt to persuade me into their way of thinking have ever done. The thing that bothers me the most about this new found sect of my friends is that not one of them is doing anything positive to become the change that they want to see in the world.





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