Happy New Year!

2016 flew by for me. In addition to the rough year that law enforcement faced with 139 line of duty deaths and the loss of Prince, Glen Frey and Carrie Fisher, it was fairly hectic and busy. I started out with my blogging project thinking that I would be able to allow myself enough space and time to work on it, since it is something that I enjoy. I appear to have failed a bit.

I am just like everyone else in that I create a list of things that I would like to change or implement into my life. While every day is a brand new day, I can agree that starting anew on the very first day of the year is also appropriate. New Year’s Day is only second to Easter in being my favorite day for “new life”.

My biggest issues revolve around time management, stress and organization. As you can tell, they’re connected. It only seems obvious that I work out ways to better myself in these areas. One step at a time. I have a list.

1. I want to get my house more “put together”. I live in an older home. Apparently, back in the day, nobody thought that organization or closet space was as important as we do today. I really don’t think that in the early 1900’s people had less outerwear vs today. Yet I have no lower level closet space in my house. I have a rack nailed to my wall.

While I will confess to having too much stuff, I also have nowhere to home items that I actually need. I am going to work on that also. Shelves, cabinets etc. I haven’t invested in proper storage for things that I want to keep either.  Working on that as well.

I have already began the purge of clutter. I went through my closets and gave one of the women who lives on my block. She was incredibly grateful too. I think that was a better choice than donating it to Goodwill. I boxed and bagged it all and left it on her porch and sent her a text.

Everything else though, I am either going ot throw away, give away or sell.  I used to have an issue with selling stuff and I don’t know why. No shame in selling things for extra cash. I need to stop being generous in a way. Weird thing to say but I do have a bad habit of giving away stuff that I shouldn’t. I could always use the extra cash.

2. I am going to work on eliminating some of my presence online. I spend too much of my time perusing websites or social media that early doesn’t serve me at all.  I have at least ten accounts that I don’t use and for some reason feel like I am obligated to keep up with. What is that all about?

I am going to keep my Facebook and Instagram but I am likely not going to use it as much anymore. I am not a fan of deleting social media accounts because I do like to check in with friends and my extended family. I also want people I grew up with or went ot college with to be able to locate me.  Since life is so busy also, it’s the only way I get to keep up with everyone.  Deactivating accounts also upsets people. Not that I have a problem upsetting people, but it really does make more sense to just tune in or out when you feel like it.

I also still plan to keep up with Twitter. Since my return, I have discovered a niche that serves a purpose. I have gained approximately 300 followers. It’s nice to have like minded people in my field to discuss the job, frustrations or to just share a laugh with.

3. Time management. I am going to set aside time to write. I haven’t decided on how often or when yet. I am going to examine how I am using my time in the morning vs time at night. I am working on a plan to ensure that I am keeping my bedtime. This also means that I need to better manage my morning routine. I need to have things set up the night before to make my morning plans run smoother. It may take some practice.

For example. I am back in the gym. I prefer to go after I drop my son off at school since I am already up. I can make a protein shake the night before and have my gym bag ready to go. That way all I have to do is load up my kiddo and I am off. This also helps since I am recovering from Lyme Disease. If I work out until 10 or so, then I can still nap if I need to before I go to work or whatever I have going on.

I haven’t focused on myself in a really long time. I finally got to the point where I was pretty unhappy and asked myself “what do you need?” Aside from camping, hiking, kayaking etc. I used to feel like I really had it together and lately I feel like I have just been spinning. Some of this is due to my job and what has been going on there for the past two years, but also in the areas I have been neglecting. I think this will help eleviate my stress too. I chase my own tail a lot.

These three things I listed are the big ones that I think will eventually even out everything else and make it all come together.   What about you?

Did you make a list of resolutions for yourself?

Do you think that you will keep them?

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