What Is Jennie Up To?

Whew, have I been busy over the past few months!  I don’t think any kind of life/work etc balancing would really be able to have changed a whole lot of anything. I keep saying that I hope to return to more consistent blogging and I still hope to do that.

In the meantime, I have been working on a series of short stories. I am also still working on a story that I mentioned a few weeks ago in my blog post “Breaking Free- Goodbye To Writers Block”. It’s glorious to be able to have a rhythm going and new ideas popping into my head.

I am really grateful for Google Docs. I have easy access to this feature in my Google Account that allows me to be able to save documents. If I have a great idea or anything I want to remember, such as a conversation or catch phrase for a character,  I can simply open my Google Docs and create a file and save it. Having constant access is very helpful. You can also download Google Docs to your smart phone.

Google Docs is free to use and has too many features for me to mention. You need to go and check it out for yourself. There is something useful for everyone. Google knocked it out of the park with this program. This is my opinion, but since it’s a free service, you really can’t beat it.

I am considering the start of yet another writing project. When I complete the start up on this, I will share more about it. I hate being vague, but at this point, I haven’t gotten enough work done on it to share it yet since  literally just started working on the idea of it today.

Stand by for that.

With Spring approaching, I will be doing more outside. I’ve been researching more local destinations for hikers in my region. I’m hoping to expand my travels to locations within one hundred miles. Then perhaps next year, I will travel further.

I have found social media apps such as, The Outbound Collective, that organize hiker reviews and allow others to rate the experience. Recently, my submission for the  “Glacier Flats Trail” at the Spicer Lake Nature Preserve was added to their “featured” collection of destinations.

I’m hoping to continue doing that, even if it’s just for fun.

I’m keeping busy. Dom is doing well. Life is interesting.

I hope that everyone is doing well..  I leave you with a photograph that I took on a recent visit to the Indiana Dunes State Park on Lake Michigan.