Delphi Murders -UPDATE-

On February 25, 2017,  I wrote an article regarding the murders of Abigail Williams and Liberty German of Delphi, Indiana.  You can read that entry by clicking HERE

Below is a portion of that entry along with updated information regarding the case. There is a link to the Indiana State Police Delphi Homicide Investigation website available below also.

Some backstory:

On February 13, 2017, fourteen year old Liberty German and her friend, thirteen year old  Abigail Williams were dropped off near the Delphi Historic Trail System near the town of Delphi, Indiana.  Delphi s approximately 60 miles north and west of Indianapolis.

The girls had planned to hike in the area and were to be picked up later in the afternoon. They failed to arrive at the predesignated area. They were missing.  Twenty four hours later, their bodies were discovered in the woods, along the shore of Deer Creek. They had been murdered.

Liberty had posted some photographs to her Snapchat. One of the photo’s was of a strange man that they had seen in the area. It is unclear to me how many snaps were taken or if there was any further explanation from Liberty as to who this man was.  Liberty also managed to get audio of this man’s voice.

On Good Friday April 19, 2019, the Indiana State Police advised the public that they would be holding a press conference to discuss the updates in the case the following Monday.  On Monday, Indiana State Police Superintendent Doug Carter spoke during a highly emotional press conference regarding the murders of our girls, Abby and Libby.  He told us that this investigation had shifted gears.

You can view that press conference by clicking HERE   

You will have to be signed into your Facebook account to view the press conference, courtesy of WNDU, my local NBC affiliate out of South Bend, Indiana.  Or you can visit their website and search for “delphi homicide update”.

The police have released a brand new sketch of the suspect, which looks completely different,  and additional audio and video footage from Libby’s phone.  I invite each and every person who reads my blog or who has come to visit, to please follow this link —> Indiana State Police Delphi Homicide Investigation to review the new information.

I would greatly appreciate it if you would copy and paste the website to your social media accounts and ask your friends to share the information as well. These girls, along with their community deserve justice.



Liberty Rose Lynn “Libby” German, 14


Abigail Joyce “Abby” Williams, 13


I believe that this person’s days of hiding in plain sight are swiftly coming to an end.


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