Trip Around the Sun

Oh hi!

I managed to live to see 40 years old.

Hold your applause.

I was able to celebrate with Michael and Dom over a fantastic spaghetti dinner. I made the best garlic bread that I have ever wrapped in foil and reheated in the oven. It was delicious.  Michael surprised me with some thoughtful gifts that included a chocolate birthday cake with purple frosting. I like purple.

People always ask you your thoughts when you turn 40. I don’t know why. I don’t know that I am as wise or more wise than anyone else. I have some life experience, good and bad. I think I could write a memoir but it would be mostly filled with what not to do in life. I am an expert in the art of bad decisions.

I meet questions with a lot of shrugging.

I haven’t been horribly worried about my looks or getting older. I feel like my body started rejecting itself after I turned 32. That seems to be about the time that I started to crackle and pop anytime I got up from sitting too long. Aches and pains are just part of life.

I don’t know that I feel any different otherwise. It’s another age. I’m just glad that I wasn’t given black balloons or that anyone made a big deal out of it. It’s just another number. In addition to the usual aches and pains I notice that my body is different, but it doesnt’ bother me. I like myself.

In a way, when I look back, I am almost surprised that I lived to be 40. When I was younger, I used to engage in some seriously dangerous behavior. Jumping horses without saddles, breaking and training horses that were “problems” for other people, driving too fast, working in corrections, on the road as an officer, hiking alone in bear country, hiking alone in general, kayaking without a life jacket. You know, things.

I think I’ve done some pretty great things so far in my life.  I have some good stories. I took risks as a young person and had a great sense of adventure. I liked to explore and in a way I was fearless.  While I am sitting here typing all of this, it almost inspires me to go ahead and talk about the past more on the blog. I struggle sometimes when I consider content. I shouldn’t but I do. I want to inspire other people in life.

Anyway, I made it to 40. Here’s to another 40 years!

What about you?  Did you feel different at 40 or after? What was different?

Happy New Year!

2016 flew by for me. In addition to the rough year that law enforcement faced with 139 line of duty deaths and the loss of Prince, Glen Frey and Carrie Fisher, it was fairly hectic and busy. I started out with my blogging project thinking that I would be able to allow myself enough space and time to work on it, since it is something that I enjoy. I appear to have failed a bit.

I am just like everyone else in that I create a list of things that I would like to change or implement into my life. While every day is a brand new day, I can agree that starting anew on the very first day of the year is also appropriate. New Year’s Day is only second to Easter in being my favorite day for “new life”.

My biggest issues revolve around time management, stress and organization. As you can tell, they’re connected. It only seems obvious that I work out ways to better myself in these areas. One step at a time. I have a list.

1. I want to get my house more “put together”. I live in an older home. Apparently, back in the day, nobody thought that organization or closet space was as important as we do today. I really don’t think that in the early 1900’s people had less outerwear vs today. Yet I have no lower level closet space in my house. I have a rack nailed to my wall.

While I will confess to having too much stuff, I also have nowhere to home items that I actually need. I am going to work on that also. Shelves, cabinets etc. I haven’t invested in proper storage for things that I want to keep either.  Working on that as well.

I have already began the purge of clutter. I went through my closets and gave one of the women who lives on my block. She was incredibly grateful too. I think that was a better choice than donating it to Goodwill. I boxed and bagged it all and left it on her porch and sent her a text.

Everything else though, I am either going ot throw away, give away or sell.  I used to have an issue with selling stuff and I don’t know why. No shame in selling things for extra cash. I need to stop being generous in a way. Weird thing to say but I do have a bad habit of giving away stuff that I shouldn’t. I could always use the extra cash.

2. I am going to work on eliminating some of my presence online. I spend too much of my time perusing websites or social media that early doesn’t serve me at all.  I have at least ten accounts that I don’t use and for some reason feel like I am obligated to keep up with. What is that all about?

I am going to keep my Facebook and Instagram but I am likely not going to use it as much anymore. I am not a fan of deleting social media accounts because I do like to check in with friends and my extended family. I also want people I grew up with or went ot college with to be able to locate me.  Since life is so busy also, it’s the only way I get to keep up with everyone.  Deactivating accounts also upsets people. Not that I have a problem upsetting people, but it really does make more sense to just tune in or out when you feel like it.

I also still plan to keep up with Twitter. Since my return, I have discovered a niche that serves a purpose. I have gained approximately 300 followers. It’s nice to have like minded people in my field to discuss the job, frustrations or to just share a laugh with.

3. Time management. I am going to set aside time to write. I haven’t decided on how often or when yet. I am going to examine how I am using my time in the morning vs time at night. I am working on a plan to ensure that I am keeping my bedtime. This also means that I need to better manage my morning routine. I need to have things set up the night before to make my morning plans run smoother. It may take some practice.

For example. I am back in the gym. I prefer to go after I drop my son off at school since I am already up. I can make a protein shake the night before and have my gym bag ready to go. That way all I have to do is load up my kiddo and I am off. This also helps since I am recovering from Lyme Disease. If I work out until 10 or so, then I can still nap if I need to before I go to work or whatever I have going on.

I haven’t focused on myself in a really long time. I finally got to the point where I was pretty unhappy and asked myself “what do you need?” Aside from camping, hiking, kayaking etc. I used to feel like I really had it together and lately I feel like I have just been spinning. Some of this is due to my job and what has been going on there for the past two years, but also in the areas I have been neglecting. I think this will help eleviate my stress too. I chase my own tail a lot.

These three things I listed are the big ones that I think will eventually even out everything else and make it all come together.   What about you?

Did you make a list of resolutions for yourself?

Do you think that you will keep them?

Saturday DIY- Turning Glass Into Stone

While I was looking at paint for other projects that I am working on, I stumbled across this amazing invention. It’s spray paint that looks like stone after it dries.

Product retails $8.00

Product retails $8.00

I got the wild idea that I could buy cheaper flower pots at the dollar store and then paint them with this product and have fancy looking flower pots at a fraction of the cost.  Then I started to fantasize about the other projects I could do using this product.

Genius, right?  The spray cost about $8.00. It comes in the standard size spray paint can. It doesn’t have a special sprayer or anything. The only color options that I saw were silver, gold, and a brown or copper color. I chose silver.  I think it might actually need a primer but I didn’t buy it, probably because I didn’t notice it on the shelf. That is something that you might want to look into if you decide to use this on any projects.

Standard glass vase

Standard glass vase

I have a few glass vases in my cabinet that never serve their purpose. They aren’t very pretty to look at. I think that someone sent me flowers, once upon a time and they were the vases they flowers arrived in.  The people who sent them might be gone, along with the flowers, but I still have vases.  I hate throwing stuff like that out because you never know when you can use them.

I decided that one of these “throw away” vases would be my first victim. I caught myself looking at decorative vases to place on the mantle above the fireplace and on an oak hutch that I have in my living-room. I’m picky though. While I like designs, I also like things that are plain. I am good with anything that is someplace in the middle. Simplicity is best.

That was my thought as I attempted to turn a cruddy glass vase into stone.   I didn’t do anything to prepare the glass for application.  When you spray it on the glass it’s wet and clumpy and can be best described as being like wet ash from a cigarette.

Below is the vase after three applications.  I added one application and then let it dry. Then I applied more.  I learned quickly that if you don’t allow it to dry, the paint will blow across the glass. It also has the tendency to stick together and clump and run down the glass.  I mentioned using a primer above, I haven’t tried it. I do think that it would help the paint stick better and allow you to use less of the product.

After 3 applications

After 3 applications

Don’t forget to add some of the paint around the edge of the vase on the inside. I wouldn’t recommend applying the product on the inside of the vase if you are planning to fill it with water for flowers.   You will have to really look over  the glass to make sure that there are no gaps that you can see through. Short bursts of the product should fill in any small gaps that you might find.

I allowed the vase to sit over night and then applied the final application the next day.  When I was satisfied with the way that it looked I allowed it to dry completely before picking it up and spraying the bottom.  I then let it rest upside down to dry.

The finished product.

The finished product.

I am really happy with the final results.  The vase looks amazing with the bouquet of sunflowers that my mother brought me.

So pretty!

So pretty!

I recommend hand washing the project and allowing it to air dry.

This was a fairly easy “do it yourself” project.  It was also a really fun experiment and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

What are some do it yourself projects that you experimented with?  Good or bad, how did they turn out?



I hope that everyone is doing okay and that life is treating you well. 

I’ve not been around for awhile for a handful of reasons. 

I haven’t really been in a light hearted and positive mood. I feel like that has really affected the need and want to sit down and write. I have had a lot of material that I have collected for different experiences that I have had that I’ve wanted to share but I haven’t taken the time to sit down and write.

A lot of this has to do with what’s happening in our country, the world and politics. Politics play a huge role in my life since I have been a government employee my entire adult life. I worry about how things are going and I feel like I have to pay attention. 

It’s not a secret that I am not a fan of the media. Period. Which is funny and sad to me. When I was growing up, I dreamed of being a broadcast journalist, a field journalist and a writer. I was so into mass media and to see what it is now is really sad to me. I’m irritated by the interns that one of our local stations employ to serve as reporters and anchors. It’s nothing more than tabloid television on a local scale. Sadly though, it is everywhere. There’s no such thing as integrity in your hometown news. 

I feel like I am turning into the old man who rants about how this country is going to hell and following up a passionate rant with a pounding of my fist on the table before I get up and storm off. I’m not. I’m more sad about it. Sad that we attack our own heros and then wonder what went wrong after people create a false narrative and crisis. I’m even more shocked and saddened over how stupid people are. Or ignorant. Naive?

It’s just insane. 

I’ve been spending a lot of my otherwise free time helping to build our 911 center.  Since the federally enforced consolidation that happened nearly two years ago, we still haven’t been able to move into our new building.  It was probably a year ago at this time when the previous director announced he was resigning. He took me on a tour of the new building.  As he led me around I got ballsy and I asked him how drunk he was when he sent out a questionable e-mail to his subordinates. If you’re curious, his response was that he’d had “quite a few,”

Good riddance. 

The new director is a friend that I have known for a long time. I respect him. Any criticism of him feels like a criticism of myself and I am personally invested in making sure that he is a success, as much as I can. This has meant that I have had to sacrifice quite a bit, personally. I swore I would never do this again, but here I am.

Dom and I were involved in a minor traffic accident two weeks ago.  We are fine. My car was not. Luckily it wasn’t too horrible and it was repaired and I got it back about a week and a half later. I learned from my rental, that I really don’t like driving cars. It’s just weird. Ha!

I’ve also been questioning the direction of this blog and blogging in general. I wanted this blog to be more about my life as a single, working mother to a special needs child. I wanted to share my wisdom from the past, life etc. I also am an avid hiker, love history and wanted to share about local places.  I guess I still want to do that, but I also think that my insight to other things that are more politically charged or issue based might be a positive project for me as well. 

That’s where I am at with things.  

Happy Autumn!



Dom and I went out to a local place called Farmer Bill’s. It’s a farm stand that’s literally on the side of the road, not too far from my home town and well worth the drive from where we live now.

I don’t usually decorate too much for the seasons or the holidays other than Christmas, but I do like to decorate a little bit for Autumn. I like to at least decorate my porch and I have to make sure that Dom has a jack-o-lantern for Halloween.

I’ve been going out to Farmer Bill’s for the past eight years or so.  The stand has always appeared to be the project of the woman who lives on the farm there. She is the one that has always met me or has at least been around when I visited. Sometimes her husband, Mr. Farmer Bill is there to meet customers.

I love it when Mr. Farmer Bill is running the show for the day. I am pretty sure that he was making up the prices for me as we went. I am really certain that the planter of mums was supposed to be more than $8.00.  I was reluctant to go with his price because I knew better but he insisted. Love the bright colors!!


I love my Sacrecrow.








Dominic’s First Camping Trip- Adventure And Down Syndrome

Dominic just had a birthday on June 10 where he received some new gear for camping and hiking.  I wrote about that at “Happy Birthday! Dominic Adam Turns Eleven!”  The temperature had cooled off and I was finally able to take him camping for two days.

Dom and I headed to Pokagon State Park to enjoy some time camping and hiking. Dom had never been on an overnight camping trip before. He was really excited about spending the night in our tent and getting to use his brand new sleeping bag.

I have been taking Dom hiking since before he could walk. I had a papoose style carrier that I was able to carry him around with. When he got a little bigger, we also had a all terrain Radio Flyer wagon,  with chunky tires,  that I could pull him around in. It wasn’t nearly as great as being able to carry him in a papoose, but as he got heavier it was harder for me to lug him around.

Dom started walking efficiently a little later than his peers. People with Down Syndrome can have some musculoskeletal issues that need to be managed. For about three years he also wore small braces in his shoes that were supposed to correct the way that his feet pronated when he walked and provide support for his ankles. The ligaments in his ankles are very loose, a common trait in people with Down Syndrome, and he pronates inward and practically walked on his ankles.   We eventually decided that they were never going to do what they were supposed to do and switched him to inserts for his shoes instead.

Eventually, Dom was off and running just like any other child. He was able to hike short distances just like any other child. He would go until he got tired and then I would have to carry him or allow him to ride in the wagon.

People with Down Syndrome also deal with other issues such as  hypotonia (low muscle tone). There are things that “normal people” do with ease that take twice the effort with someone with Down Syndrome.  While I don’t allow him to be a lazy child, I try not to push him too hard.

Dom can usually go about five miles before he starts to get tired. Or bored. Or both. I try to keep him interested in what we are doing by getting him involved and pointing out the various things that we see around us. Generally, he gets very engaged.

We have been known to get pretty lucky with wildlife. On our first hike, we came across a female Painted Turtle that was laying eggs. We observed her briefly and then moved along. We also saw a white tail deer, a juvenile rabbit and later in the evening, we dealt with a nuisance raccoon that we decided to name “Bandit”. Bandit stole some of our stuff, hence the name.

Dominic was expected to assist me in setting up the tent. Then he helped me unload all of our gear from the car and supervised me as I organized our camp. He was eager to help and learn what to do. He takes a lot of pride in the fact that he is capable of doing these things.

I truly believe that the fact I have not allowed myself or others to treat him as though he has a disability has actually worked in his favor. That’s probably an obvious assumption but he has come a long way and has done a lot of work to get to where he’s at. I believe that over-assisting him will be a disservice.

He’s a kid so we treat him like a kid.

After we set up our camp and got everything squared away, we decided to go and complete a quick hike before dinner. My favorite trail in the park is trail #7 aka “Bluebird Hills”. You have to walk about a half mile to the trail head.  It’s a beautiful 1.8 mile loop that leads you along a wooded path to an open and rolling meadow and past the  wetland restoration. It’s so pretty.  When I visited this trail this past May, it was like stepping into a painting with the Dogwoods in bloom.

We had a great time.

We made hot dogs and fried cinnamon apples for dinner. Of course we gorged on Doritos and Root beer too. Then we just sat around and enjoyed our time. Later in the evening, the same raccoon that I dealt with during my last camping trip, arrived to scope out our goodies.

I named that raccoon “Bandit”.  Bandit has no fear of humans. At all. As I was yelling at him/her to go away, he/she calmly continued to walk up to me like a dog. I believe in keeping the wildlife wild. I attempted to redirect Bandit back into the woods by being a loud, belligerent, throwing things etc.

Bandit looked at me like “Jesus lady, what’s your problem?”

Later, after I went to bed, Bandit returned. I put our food in the car so there was no danger of it being eaten or dragged off. I left my cookware out though.  Bandit decided to steal my coffee cup and the lid to the little kettle I use to boil the water for my coffee. I found them both about 15-20 feet in the woods at the base of a tree.

I thought that was hilarious. I think it blew Dominic’s mind. He didn’t know what to think when I told him that the raccoon had taken our dishes and left them in the woods. I explained to him that was why I put our food away so the animals couldn’t get to it.

In the morning we made bacon, eggs and toast over the camp fire. Dom asked if we could visit the playground for a little while before we went hiking, so we did. We played on the playground for a little while and then played catch for a little while.

Unfortunately, bad weather was moving into our area and it forced me to cut the trip short. The weather reports out of Chicago and the surrounding area were indicating that the storms that were passing through were serious and I didn’t want to risk anything.  We had to head home.

Even though our trip was cut short, we still had a really great time. I was concerned at first at how he would do but I was reassured through experience that he would be just fine. I’ve found through the years that sometimes I have to really be careful in how I judge Dominic’s abilities. I am guilty of not giving him enough credit and I think that can rob him of some opportunities.

I have to at least give him a chance to do things. A lesson I remind myself of over and over. Part of that is just me being the protective mama bear. With that said, I am very realistic about what I should or can expect.

I at least have to let him try.




Happy Birthday! Dominic Adam Turns 11

I now have an 11 year old.

I remember thinking last year, “Wow, I have a 10 year old,”  Somehow, this is equally as mind blowing. My little kiddo is not so little anymore. He’s growing up.

My son, Dominic Adam, turned 11 years old on June 10th. We celebrated the previous Sunday with a small gathering of family and friends at our house.  We had a really good time.

In addition to toys and clothes and other gifts, Dom received a brand new sleeping bag and his very own dome tent to use when we go camping. It’s currently still set up in the back yard.  He’s having a lot of fun with it.

The next day, Dom and I went on a day-hike at the Spicer Lake Nature Preserve. This is our favorite local hang out.   The highlight of the trip was the Painted Turtle that we met in the parking lot. Later, we came across a nesting site where several of the hatched eggs were still there.

We had a really good time wandering around the park.  It’s the perfect size for Dom as it only has approximately 4 miles of trails. We can hike the whole park and it doesn’t usually wear him out.

I am planning an over night camping trip for him on my next days off from work. He says he wants to go and is excited. Hopefully the weather isn’t too hot or stormy. I have a ton of ideas to keep him interested and from getting bored.

So excited.

Chicago Police Memorial Foundation Run To Remember 2016

On the morning of April 30, 2016,  I traveled to the city of Chicago to participate in the 12th annual Chicago Police Memorial Foundation Run To Remember 5K & walk. This was my fourth year participating in the event.

The Chicago Police Memorial Foundation provides assistance to the families of police officers that have been killed in the line of duty and also for the officers who have been catastrophically injured in the line of duty.  They have also assisted in the purchase of ballistic vests for officers and aid the families of officers with seriously ill children.  They have been able to offer over 7.4 million dollars in assistance.  I am delighted to be a part of this every year.

You can learn more about that here.

The event starts at the Gold Families Memorial Park that is located next to Soldier Field. Soldier Field is home to the Chicago Bears. The event goes from the park along Lakeshore Dr. and then circles around along the shore of Lake Michigan. You pass by the Shedd Aquarium and also the Field Museum of Natural History.  During the last stretch of the race you pass by photographs of some of the fallen officers. It gives me goose bumps every single time. I am honored to be a part of this.

The race ends near the memorial wall in the Gold Star Families Memorial and Park.  Participants gather for a few hours to enjoy new friendships and refreshments at the after party. It’s a lot of fun and such a worth cause.

The goal for this year was $175,000 with $190,834.92 raised!!

The Annual Run to Remember is a 5K USATF certified chip-timed 5K Run combined with a noncompetitive 5K walk sponsored by the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation. The event also features a junior jog, and a family friendly after party with children’s activities. You can participate as a team or as an individual.

You can find out more on the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation’s website

The event next year is on May 6, 2017.  Save the date!


My Personal Shenanigans

I realized a long time ago how utterly ridiculous I can be with myself. While it’s true what they say about people being their own worst enemy, no matter how many times I’ve gone up against myself, I’ve learned nothing.

What’s bugging me the most about my own quirkiness is how I  know that I don’t have enough time to get my own business handled and I don’t have the time to be doing extra things for other people.  I also don’t have the cash to go along with it. Not saying no or my willingness to volunteer for things also sets me up for people to expect me to do things.

I have two examples of how I have let myself down as far as personal space and setting boundaries.  Take a moment to stretch your eyes for the rolling that they’re about to do.  These are perfect examples of how I have no one to blame but myself for being so far behind.

For the past four years, I have participated in the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation’s Run To Remember 5k.  This is a charity event that benefits not only the families of fallen Chicago Police Officers, but also those who have been catastrophically injured in the line of duty.

This is a great cause and I am delighted that I discovered this and that I live close enough to participate.  Interested?  You can check out the foundation at for more information.

In the past, a friend and I have traveled up to Chicago to pick up our race packets (event t-shirt and bib with your number on it) together. We both live outside of the city so it’s just easier to car pool and we’ve picked up other participants race packets for them.  Knowing this was going to be a huge feat for me to accomplish, I volunteered to pick up people’s stuff for them again after I encouraged people to sign up for the event.

I had to go it alone this year because my friend had to work. I  also had to jump through hoops to make this happen. I ended up getting temporarily mandated to work on Friday morning when I was originally planning to go. I had to do a time exchange with a co worker for two hours. I came in early for her, on my day off, and she stayed late for me on Thursday. Then I didn’t have to work early on Friday. Go figure.

I needed that extra two hours. I got up to Chicago and my GPS decided that it wasn’t going to work. I tried two different apps on my iPhone and nothing. I determined that there was so much construction going on that it was confused and honestly didn’t know where to send me.

I was running out of time to be handling this. It was noon. I had to be to work by 4pm and I had a 2.5 hour drive back home. I was starting to get worried on top of my annoyance. I seriously didn’t have time to figure it out. The frustrating part was knowing that I was close to where I needed to be.

After an hour of putting forth an honest effort I decided to park in the garage at Navy Pier and take a cab to the training academy, where people were gathering to pick up their stuff. I figured if anyone could get me there it was a city of Chicago cab driver.

I hailed a cab and about fifteen minutes later I was on Jackson Blvd to get our stuff and back in the cab to take me back to Navy Pier to get my car and head back out of the city to go home. I was furious with myself for not being well prepared. Normally, I print out my directions and have an atlas in my car.

This adventure cost me approximately $60 between the cab and the parking garage. This doesn’t include the cost of gas to drive up there and back. I had to rearrange my time significantly and it stressed me the heck out. By the time I dropped off race packets I was ready to murder somebody and I was hungry. I made it back to town with about twenty minutes to spare.

Of course I never expected anyone to say thanks for even offer me gas money. At least I got it handled even if it cost me time and money and was probably the closest I’ve come to having a stroke recently.

My next example of foolishness occurred today.

A co-worker has for me to do a time exchange for them today for four hours. I work for them tomorrow. I got off at 6pm. Guess what I did? I volunteered to go to this same co-workers house to mow their lawn for them because their own mower is broken and the grass was so tall that they were in danger of being ticketed by the city.

I really need to know my own yard. I have to work long shifts the next two days and it’s supposed to rain. I would have preferred to  have gone to the gym and then picked up my son early and spent some time at home. I love being home in the evening. Nope. Not this lady. I went home and loaded up my mower so I could drive clear across town to mow down the jungle.

I also refused to accept payment for my services. Or accept money for gas.

I’m always happy to help and she really needed the help. However, I could have done this another time when it wasn’t interfering with the things that needed attention.  I also should have accepted the money she tried to give me.

Seriously, I could’ve put it towards that Thursday morning Chicago debacle.


Motivational Posters: Keeping Your Sense Of Humor

Somehow, while gripping on to my sanity, I have also managed to keep my sense of humor. I think that is one of the most important things to be able to do in life. I admit, I can be fairly twisted too. I think a lot of inappropriate things are funny. It comes with my territory.  I have to laugh or I will cry.

Due to staffing issues, we have been forced to work a lot of overtime. How much? Just a hair under being an obscene amount of overtime. Enough that I am behind in laundry, my dogs are mad at me and I stopped shaving my legs every day.

We are a tired and weary group of people.  A friend and I do our best through out our shifts to text funny pictures or what not back and forth.  Anything that we can do to distract us from our current state of being held hostage by work. Yay work!

*disclaimer*  I am not complaining. I am tired though.

I received a new “free app of the week” notification for an app called “ReType” that allows you to add text and edit photographs. They also provide several free stock photo’s for you to play with. It has everything from landscapes, the sky and even objects.

I took a short break and while I did so, I played with ReType app little bit and the urge to be silly swept over me. It could have been the lack or sleep or that I have been cooped up for too long making me so loopy.

While perusing the app, I came across a picture of a  kitten struggling to hang onto a rope, the first thought that came to mind was “Hang in there you little asshole,” I know right, perfectly reasonable response to something so adorable.

Then one thing led to another and then following was born:


I texted the image to a few friends who thought it was a riot.  Then that led to a post on Facebook which led to people somehow thinking that the image was my own intellectual property ( it isn’t entirely ) and begged for permission to use it.

Then of course, I had to make prints of it. Admit it, it’s funny and you want to hang it above your desk at work, home office or locker.  They actually turned out really nice. I used the Walgreen’s photo app on my phone and use the versions that I had saved to Instagram.  They’re 3×5 and full of awesome.



Oh yes, there’s more!

My inner adolescent is pleased.

Apparently others were satisfied also because several people asked me to make them a copy  so that they could have one.  I personally have the kitten hanging in my locker at work.

Personally, I adore this one although many people hate the C-word.


Seriously.. Just don’t.





And lastly, since I don’t want to clog up your data plan..

Often times when you’re overwhelmed at life and feeling totally bogged down, it’s hard to not feel like you’re wasting your life or even that the good days have passed you by..

So, with that said.  Remember, your dreams have died, just like the star you wished upon.


They're gone man..

They’re gone man..


I am easily amused sometimes. Albeit childish to use profanity or even laugh at this stuff,  we still  laughed and that’s what is important. For a lot of us, life is rough. We’re tired, we’re weary and we just want to make it to days off.  And payday.


I hope that everyone has a great Monday and an even better week!!