Easter Weekend- Part Three- Hiking, Tacos and Ice Cream

Easter morning at our house was pretty awesome. I was off from work for the first time in years.  I don’t even recall the last time. I got to sleep in a little bit. Of course sleeping past 6:30 in the morning is considered sleeping in around here. It’s glorious to be able to do that.

We had colored eggs on Friday afternoon so I had them carefully hidden around the house. As Dom was searching for them I had to laugh at myself because I forgot to count how many I had hidden. We started out with two dozen but a few of them ended up as a snack. Oops. I’m pretty sure he found them all.

Dom loved his Easter basket.

After lunch, we went to Dom’s grandmothers house to drop off her Easter basket. Then we made the twenty minute drive to Potato Creek State Park to do some hiking.  The weather was perfect. Blue skies and a lot of sunshine with a breeze. It was nice.

I let Dom explore along the shore of Worster Lake for awhile before we headed out on the trail.  We walked along for probably a half an hour before I realized that Deer Ticks seemed to be falling from the sky. They were popping up everywhere.  By a fluke, I spotted a tiny one on Dom’s pant leg.

Since I am recovering from Lyme Disease, this makes me very nervous and I decided that we needed to leave and do something else.  I can’t afford to put myself into the position to reinfect and I certainly don’t want Dom to be infected.

I had friends come out of the park after a brief hike and between the three of them they had removed 11 Deer Ticks. This made me feel a bit frantic to get home and check Dom and myself and change our clothes. depending on their stage in life, Deer Ticks can be as small as a poppy seed. It just wasn’t worth the risk.

Aside from my paranoia, we had a really great Easter. We stopped for ice cream on the way home. It doesn’t seem like anyone closes for the holiday anymore. Dom wanted Tacos for dinner so of course, that’s what we had. It was awesome.  After dinner we enjoyed watching some movies Dom had gotten for Christmas.

Below is my usual gallery of photographs taken from our adventure. I hope you’ll check them out.

I hope everyone is having a great week!



Easter Weekend Part Two: The (Former) Mother In Law

Im already exhausted and I haven’t even started writing this blog post yet.

The first thing that you need to know is that my (former) mother in law, we’ll call her Sharon, is 1. An introvert and 2. The reigning passive-aggressive-knock-out- champion-of-the-universe.

Okay, that’s technically two things but they go together. These are the key points that you have to remember any time I tell a story about her. Just remember. We are referring to her as “Sharon” and she’s difficult.  Just thinking about everything I have dealt with, with this woman, I often wonder why I even bother.

I respect her as Dominic’s grandmother. Since her son decided to make other choices, she has really stepped up to help me raise Dominic. However, this has come with a price. I have to submit to the jabs and harassment from the ex husband. It’s him that she’s really mad at, but I often get the backlash. She will say and do things to him that he will turn around and take out on me.

All of that drama is an entire separate blog post.  With that said, there have been times when she hasn’t been so pleasant to me for whatever reason either. Up until this year, I’ve tried to include her in things and treat her as if she was some kind of matriarch. She sort of is I suppose.  It has bitten me in the ass more than once.

She pulls stunts. I won’t go into all of it now but don’t worry my dear readers, something will come up. Probably soon because she’s been fairly well behaved recently. Just one example is the time she kept the invitation for Grandparents Day at Dom’s school for herself and never told  me about it nor did she send the information home. Since I didn’t know about it, my mother missed out on Grandparents Day at school.

We’ve had some rocky times in the past year because I’ve grown tired of her. I’ve ran my mouth a few times and I didn’t used to or probably shouldn’t have. It just gets old and I’m only human. I shouldn’t have to listen to it but she is Dom’s grandmother and she does help me out a lot.

I decided to try to be more thoughtful or at least mindful of holidays and her birthday. So on Valentine’s Day, I made a batch of cupcakes and cake pops that I decorated. They were really cute. I also got a basket of wild flowers that was really beautiful. I put it all together and helped Dom make a card to give to her. The. We went and gave it to her.

She seemed really surprised and appreciative of the gesture.

Fast forward.

Things haven’t been so great. For some reason she stopped talking to me. When ask she says nothing is wrong and everything is just fine. Ugh. She’s the passive-aggressive-knock out-champ, if you recall. Fine. Be that way.

So, when I decided to put together an Easter basket for Dom to give to her, I should have known I was setting myself up to have her suck the winds right out of my sails and boy she sure didn’t disappoint.  I called her on Saturday night to make sure she would be home. I told her Dom had a gift for her.

We go to deliver the Easter basket and she was less than enthused and was just like “thanks”. We were at her house for less than five minutes. While I certainly didn’t expect her to break out into dance and do cartwheels, she could’ve at least expressed some gratitude.  Dom seems to be picking up on these things too. He was like “Bye grandma,”

I have my moments when I allow myself to get upset over “my circumstances”. I certainly didn’t sign up for things to be this way but I’m doing the best that I can. I’m not going to apologize for going to work every day and making a living. My hours aren’t the best but it is what it is right now.  She was a single mother too, you would think that she would cut me some slack.

I’m sure I’m not alone in dealing with people who behave like this. She’s technically not my family but she’s Dom’s family. Up until now, she was the only reason I was staying in the area. I try to keep an eye on her.  She literally has nothing and she seems to alienate everyone on my ex husbands side of the family also.


Below is a photo of her basket before it was finished. That little planter is adorable and I almost bought one for myself. I’m not going to lie,  I considered saying “to hell with her” about forty times and thought about keeping it all for myself.



I totally should’ve just kept it for myself.