Me Time: Getting Outside

Spicer Lake Nature Preserve

Spicer Lake Nature Preserve

I have been working a lot for the past few months. Enough to make me crazy and second guess what it is that I am doing with my life at times. My job can be very stressful and I depend on physical activity like hiking and working out to work through the stress.

I am also an introvert.

The Ur ban Dictionary provides a great definition.

Introvert:  Opposite of extrovert. A person who is energized by spending time alone. Often found in their homes, libraries, quiet parks that not many people know about, or other secluded places, introverts like to think and be alone.

I’m not shy.  I just need to be alone to recharge. They also nailed the “quiet parks that not many people know about”.  The local park that I visit in search of solitude doesn’t get very many visitors. That’s why I like it so much.

I’ve had a really buy schedule since mid October. I got to spend some time in the woods only one time since then. I also went to the gym maybe two or three times in as many months. I either didn’t have the time to go or I was simply too exhausted.

I made it out to my favorite local hiding spot, the Spicer Lake Nature Preserve.  The preserve is part of the St. Joseph County Parks and is located on the far western part of the county. It sits in the corner of two Indiana counties on the edge of Michigan state.

It was 13 degrees when I started driving to the park. It warmed up to a balmy 18 degrees by the time I arrived. It was sunny though and that helped. It wasn’t so bad. Once I acclimate to the cold weather, I generally only wear a fleece jacket with layers and a hat and gloves.

It was jut a little cold.

It was jut a little cold.

I took one of my dogs, Dingo Lu, with me.  Lu is an Australian Cattle Dog and also my primary hiking partner. She’s quite velcro and usually if I can’t find her, it’s because she’s standing behind me. Keeping me in line.

Dingo Lu has opinions

Dingo Lu has opinions

We did a short hike of only two miles.  I took it slow and tried to enjoy my time. It wasn’t long until my phone started chirping. It never fails that when I don’t want to be bothered that I get a barrage of texts that I actually have to answer. When I’m lonely, nobody calls.

It was more work than it should have been to silence my brain. The fuzzy cotton that clogs your thinking when you’re stressed out really holds on until you force it out. Deep breaths. Pausing to look around. Snapping some photo’s.  It works every time.

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Hello!! Welcome To My Blog


Hello! My name is Jenn, I am a 30-something from the mid-western United States. I am a Public Servant, mom to a small human, dog mom to a Rottweiler and two Australian Cattle Dogs.

I enjoy camping, hiking and pretty much anything that involves the outdoors. I also enjoy attempting various “do it yourself” projects, photography, writing, cooking and living my life.

This is my third, and hopefully final attempt to start a blog. Over the years I have struggled to decide on a particular niche.  I don’t think that I really need one.  I’ve also overcome a lot in the past few years and have come out from under my rock to live again.

I decided to start this blog to chronicle my adventures in home improvement and my journey through life in addition to may to day musings.

I hope that you’ll follow along!