On This Day- Your Daily Facebook Reminder and Aggravation

This morning my “On This Day” app on Face Book reminded me of how awful our winter weather had been in January of 2014. In addition to significant snowfall, we also went three weeks with the temperatures staying well below freezing.

Two years ago I was whining expressing my frustration regarding my neighbors adult, and also unemployed son,  parking his car in front of my house after I spent a great deal of time shoveling it so I could park my own car there.

Duh right? I was clearly keeping that space open for him after he sat on his ass all day and I was at work for the past 8-16 hours. Did you catch on to the sarcasm? There is nothing more aggravating than coming home after a 12-16 hour shift to find that your neighbors crappy adult kid has parked in the spot you shoveled hours before. This often resulted with me having no place to park.

Its an ongoing chore. Snow plows come through to clear the street and will push the snow back up against the curb. There’s no avoiding it. It just means that you have to shovel again. It does however make it worse when people don’t move their cars like the city asks for them to do on even and odd days. Now the plows have to go around cars and can’t get through and this creates a mess and a problem.

Here, in the photo below I am also talking about how I have to keep shoveling a trail out to the road and the snow is piled up approximately five feet from the curb and our street was getting narrower by the day.

My house on January 26, 2014

My house on January 26, 2014


It’s ironic because the neighbors son and his family have moved back in with them again. His son might be working but he’s still a an asshole difficult personality.  You can tell by the look and demeanor of his father that he is equally as annoyed with the situation.

I could do blog posts just about the neighbors son. It’s comical the way this guy appears to go out of his way to be a jerk a difficult personality. From the poor parking to the dirty looks to the way he closes the blinds on the one side of the house when he knows I am home.


I really do enjoy the snow. So far this year, we haven’t gotten all that much. When we have had a significant snow fall, the temperature rises and it’s gone within a few days. Last night it started to rain and now we are left with mud.

Boo. I would love to have a big snow storm like they had out east. I know, be careful what you wish for. Like I said in another blog post though, around here, we just call that “winter”. I like the cold nights and the snow cover. I really hope that I get to use my snow shoes at least once before Spring.

I hope that everyone is having a happy Tuesday!