Election Day



My grandfather used to say that if you want to keep the peace with your friends and family to never discuss politics and religion. So I don’t.  Based on what I see unfolding on my Facebook and my Twitter, I am glad that I don’t.  Holy turmoil.

One of my cousins actually posted that “If you voted for Trump, unfriended and block me now you people make me sick,”

Way harsh?

I don’t care who anyone voted for. We all had our reasons for choosing our candidates. I don’t think it’s any reason to actually banish your friends and family from your lives. Those people are the ones who love and support you every single day. To disown anyone based on their voting habits is pretty foolish.


My son has been studying the election in school so I thought it would be fun to take him with me to our polling place to vote with me. Also, his school was closed so there was no reason not to take him with me. He even chose his American  flag shirt to wear. He looked cute.

We are set to vote in a building in a park that isn’t too far from our house. When we arrived we found the line to be fairly short. However, there was a hold up in the line. It was explained to everyone in line that the hold up was because a voter arrived who had previously opted to vote absentee. They then changed their mind. If you do that, you have to bring the ballot with you to your polling place to verify that you hadn’t already voted. She didn’t bring the ballot with her.

They were turned away until she could provide that ballot.  They actually made the call to head quarters and put it on peaked phone so that everyone could hear the conversation that was happening. Which I thought was great because if they hadn’t, I would’ve called to report the incident.

Dom was fascinated with the whole thing. I was really proud at how interested, polite and patient he was. He had a pretty good time while his mother as stressing out over her decisions.  Which I will not discuss here. Although, I did tweet to Jackie Walorski to let her know that I didn’t vote for her. I’m catty like that.

I know that’s probably childish and unnecessary but it got liked and retweeted like I wasn’t the only dissatisfied citizen.  The feed to that particular post was pretty crazy without my input.

Before heading in to work for the day, I dropped my kiddo off at his grandma’s house. He explained to her that we had gone to the park and that he “Voted for the United States Of America”.  He was proud to be a part of it.

I stayed up as late as I could for the results. I fell asleep and actually woke up as they were calling it in favor of Donald Trump. I listened to his speech and then turned off the TV.

Did anyone else take their kids with them to vote? Do you explain the process along with how it works and why it is so important to get out there and make your voices heard?

I hope everyone is having a great day!